Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time…

I remember seeing a clip of the film for the very first time. It was the scene when Beast is demanding Belle join him for dinner. I can’t remember what program it was, but they were talking about Disney’s new animated feature film. I was so excited! I knew this film was going to be special to me. And I was right.

Disney broke records and set the bar very high with this film. Of course no one new what was to come after… The music was lyrically brilliant and so much fun to sing-a-long to. The characters were beautifully drawn. And that ballroom scene – WOW – It gives me goose-bumps every time I watch it. I know every word from start to finish! I can even play the film in my head!

It was the first Disney animated film I remember everything about, in terms of advertising, hype, release, excitement, awards, and the anticipating wait for it to come out on VHS! Yes people, I was around the days of VIDEOS!

Here is a few images to show my love for this Disney film and why its my favourite…

This was the first poster I saw at the cinemas. It was also the cover for my CASETTE! (god I feel old)

(picture not available)

These are my original Disney dolls from the film. They were given to me at Christmas, but were originally bought in America.
belle-and-beast-doll-headsThe same Christmas I got this Beast plush.
beast-plushNow these souvenirs are from Disney on Ice! It was amazing! (Disney on Ice will feature in a future post!!)

BBonicesouviesI got the music book from my Uncle, back when I was a teenager and playing the piano. And the lithograph is what my mum got free, when she purchased Beauty and the Beast the first time it was released on DVD.
BBmusicbookandlithographThe first animator doll I got. It had to be Belle. And the tee is from Primark, which my sister-in-law got me for Christmas last year. She knows me very well!
BBanimatordollandteeCan any of you remember when Beauty and the Beast was released? Or is there another Disney film that you remember getting excited about, that means something to you?

“Who could ever learn to love a beast?”




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