The Disney Store – New York City

This time last year, we spent a week in New York City. It was exactly how imagined it would be, and more! So of course, along with The Empire State building, The Disney Store was on the list of sites/shops I wanted to see!

Now Time Square was not the original home of The Disney Store in NYC.  According to Google, it used to be on Old Country Road, Garden City, NY. The flagship store re-opened in its new location of Time Square in 2010. It is decorated in the currently new store design. This includes a twinkling blue path (made of pixie dust obviously!), a 20-foot-tall pink and gold castle, animation across the walls and trees, the Disney theatre and magic mirrors! Oh and its two levels!

While we were visiting this magical place, I was 3 months pregnant! I actually had my 12 week scan the day before we flew. Unfortunately we did not know the sex of our baby this early on. This meant I couldnt spend all of my husband’s money on baby products. which was maybe a good thing as there was so many beautiful and cute outfits and toys, but there was not a lot of nuetral.

So along with a couple of treats for me, we also got a few treats for our “lil cub” from The Disney Store.
MMromper&DumbosetAs you can see, the “mouseketeer” romper was a must! And the Dumbo set was too cute to resist.

JungleBooktoyThis is a Jungle Book stacking toy set. It was reduced too! I was hoping to get the crib set, but they only had it on the American website. I did get a blanket though, which is at my mother-in-law’s.

NYCframe&shopperHere is my purchases for me! It took me a long time to decide what I wanted as there was so much to choose from. They had plush, figurines, snowglobes. I chose the frame because I wanted to put a picture of our trip insisde it.

Have you visited a Disney Store in another country? Did you purchase any souvinirs?

“You know you’re a Disney addict, when you walk into a Disney Store just to ease the pain”


Originally posted on SEP 5TH 2015 on previous website


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