Gus Gus

Gus Gus became a member of our family January 2010. I had wanted a puppy for a while, and my husband was not sure and had been saying no to me! But one day at work I decided to buy a local paper just on the off chance I would find what I was looking for. And low and behold there it was, a small advert. A litter of 4 Lhasa Apso puppies were born, 3 girls and 1 boy. I rang my husband from work to tell him, but he told me to stop and that it was still no.

I don’t know what changed his mind, but when my husband came home that evening he asked about the advert. He was curious! And then he said the magic words: “call them!”

I wanted the boy, I had had male dogs before so I knew how to look after them. I rang the number and luckily the boy was still available! I was so excited, I had to wait till the Sunday to go see him. We travelled all the way to Derby.

Now the owners were registered breeders. Which was great for us as buyers. I remember walking into the kitchen and seeing the cage of puppies, but one puppy stuck out. It was the small round fluffy brown one. the other 3 puppies were blonde and black curly haired. The breeder opened the cage door and grabbed the round brown one!!! She put him straight into my arms and it was love at first sniff! He was ours! We paid the breeder and got straight into the car and headed to pets at home to buy all the puppy necessities, then it was off to my mother-in-laws to show him off to the family!
gusguscollage1GusGuscollage2Now I hope you can see why we named him Gus Gus! We had a few other names in mind, but none of them suited him as much. Unfortunately he didn’t stay this small, cute, round ball of fluff. He grew up, lost his “puppy fat” and turned blonde!!
gusgus13He has his naughty days, but we can’t imagine life without him. He was our first boy!

Have you got a family member named after a Disney character?  Or do they look like one?


Originally posted on SEP 7TH 2015 on previous website


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