Disney Storybooks

I never thought I would struggle to start Jacob’s storybook collection of the Disney classics. The books above I got free along with the Mickey library (which you may recognise). I was going to sign up to get the books every month, but I felt they were asking a bit too much for their monthly payments. So I kept the free books and library and looked elsewhere that might be a bit cheaper.

Unfortunately you cannot buy a lot of the individual storybooks in the shops anymore. I’ve looked at all the obvious places: Disney Store, Asda, Waterstones, The Works, etc. I even looked online at Amazon and eBay. I am however looking at second hand ones at the moment as I am becoming desperate.

I did get lovely Disney storybook collections from my mum and sister for Jacob, before he was born. I got a Pixar one from my sister, which came with toys (he can’t play with them yet tho) and that included Finding Nemo and Monster’s University. My mum got him a collection of classic fairy tales like Red Riding hood, but they starred Mickey Mouse and his friends. And I got a Marvel storybook collection from sister as well.
books3Now these storybook collections are great, so glad I was given them. But I still wanted Jacob to have his own Disney library. My sister and I used to have all the classic animated films in storybooks. They were ladybird books, no bigger than an A5 size. They had plenty of pictures, and of course the full story of the film, just a bit simpler to read. And of course there was the original “Wonderful World of Reading” books that came with the free library. But back when me and my sister were younger, “The Wonderful World of Reading” was under “Grolier” and they also did tree decorations. And like the books, you paid monthly payments and got a tree ornament every month (they will feature in a future post).

(photo not available)

These are not my books. This is just to sow you what they looked like.

books1Now recently My sister and I did find Disney storybooks in Aldi, of all places. They only had 6 of them, so I got the 3 boyish ones: Junglebook, Planes and Dumbo. They were only £2 each which was a great price, but when I got home, they were actually a lot bigger than the other books I had. So they don’t fit in the free library I got with the Frozen and Cars storybooks. I was gutted, but still glad I had them.
winniethepoohbooksI also got the Winnie the Pooh storybooks in a beautiful box in Costco. Now they are the original A.A.Milne stories, and there’s 30 books altogether. I used to have them when I was little, but I didn’t remember there being 30! They are great little books to read to Jacob just before he goes to bed, however the stories aren’t exactly like the Disney version.

I’ve also been looking at Disney book ends, for when I do get more storybooks. I have my eye on a couple, on eBay of course. Now if you or you know of anyone that has any of the classic storybooks, and are not using them anymore, please think of me. I’ve been looking at second hand sets on the internet anyway, so as long as they have been loved and looked after, they will go to another good home!

“There is more treasure in books, than in all the Pirate’s loot on Treasure Island, and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life” – Walt Disney


Originally posted SEP 18TH 2015 on previous website


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