Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time first aired in October 2011 in the US. We got it the following year on channel 5 here in the UK. I on the other hand watched on the internet as I could not wait. From the very first episode I was hooked! And a few of my friends from work got into it as well. It was all we could talk about. (Now be warned, there are a couple of spoilers ahead).

Set in a fictional town called Storybrooke, Maine. We are introduced to all our childhood fairy tale characters and stories. The main character, Emma Swan, is brought to Storybrooke by her son, whom she gave up for adoption when he was born. He finds her and brings her to Storybrooke to help him save the town from evil…

It’s the first grown up fairy tale based TV drama that I know of. And it’s brilliant! Very cleverly written, from the intertwining story lines to the character’s names. According to IMDB, the names for many of the characters are aften coordinated with their fairytale counterpart. For example: Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White): Blanchard derives from the French word “blanc” or “blanche” for white. The name “Mary Margaret” is from a real-life woman believed to be the inspiration of the Snow White character named “Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina Freifraulein Vn Erthal” (born on June 15, 1729 in Germany). Bit of trivia for you!

Regina - %22I'm so done%22

My favourite characters in the series are Regina (The Evil Queen), Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) and Killian (Captain Hook). Regina and Mr. Gold I have loved from the start. I’m a huge fan of Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold) and when I read he was starring in it, that did encourage me to watch it when it started. Regina I recognised from Lost but I had never seen the actress in a major role before. But Lana Parrilla (Regina) definitely stood out for me, and “owned it”! She plays Regina so well, that she is such a good villain that you love! Killian I warmed to.

So basically I prefer the villain characters in the programme! The villains are stand-out characters, and they seem to have the most interesting story lines. For example, Regina’s evil stems from Snow White telling Regina’s mother about the man Regina is in love with. Who is a stable boy, and her mother has other plans for her, so she kills him! “Huuugh!”

And most recently we saw the stories of Ursela, Cruella De Vil and Maleficent explained in season 4. They also teamed up with Mr. Gold, who is the evil of them all! Where as Killian, Captain Hook, is becoming a hero!

Now some of the fairy tales that you remember may have been slightly altered for the purpose of the show. The majority of the stories though are close to their original. But one in particular I thought was clever, and “current”. The story between Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) Mulan, and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Now when you first meet Prince Philip and Mulan, you automatically assume that Mulan has fallen in love with Philip. When in fact, later on in the series, you come to realise that Mulan is actually in love with Aurora. I loved this twist on the story, and even though in the animated movie, Mulan falls for Shang Li, it’s not known who Mulan loved, or if she loved any one. She was only known as a brave warrior.

I won’t spoil all the magical story lines that are in the series, so I will move on to the future of the show. It starts again on ABC in the US next Sunday. Now season 4 ended with Emma becoming “The Dark One”!!! So the new season is all about whether or not Emma will go to “The Dark Side” or stay on the side that’s good! And It will introduce a new land, Camelot with all the characters, and it will introduce Merida!!!


I know, I know, very exciting!! I’m just hoping I won’t have to wait long for Netflix to start getting the new episodes! But until then I am going to watch it from the beginning again, and I might be able to get my husband to watch it too. I got my sister and mum to watch it and now they love it as much as me!

I could go on and on how amazing this show is till I’m blue in the face, so I will begin to stop. But if you have not seen it before, please give it a go, the first 4 seasons are on Netflix. And if you have seen it and are a fan, hope you enjoy the new season of stories!

“Magic is coming!”


Originally posted SEP 20TH 2015 on previous website


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