I Want to be a Disney Animator

When I was at school, every time I was asked what i wanted to be when I grow up, I always said “I want to be a Disney animator!” It was my dream! I loved to draw, especially my favourite Disney characters.

My nickname as a child was “Bookie-Pencil” because ever since I could hold a pencil, I was either colouring in, or drawing. You would always find me drawing in my spare time when I was a kid. When I went to secondary school I learnt to draw more real-life. But I always made time to draw Disney characters, for my own pleasure.

Because I loved drawing Disney characters so much, I always loved learning about the process of making a Disney Animated film. I would always watch the special features of my DVDs. But before DVDs, there used to be short documentaries made for TV about the latest Disney movie and how it was made.

One Christmas my mum and dad got me the best book ever, it was “The Art of Walt Disney”. It’s a very thick book, which explains Walt Disney’s career, where and how he started his company. And it explains how every Disney animated film was created (up until Pocahontas), and it goes into a little about the live-action films and cartoons.
artbooks-1024x768The year Hercules was released on Video, I got this fantastic book by the artist, Gerard Scarf, “Hades The Truth at Last”. He also created the design and art direction of Hercules. There was a documentary of it too, which I watched on TV when it was first shown. I have read both books so many times, and every time I read them I learn something new. Plus they’re full of great pictures that I loved to draw.


These are all old and new drawings I have done over the years. Some of them have the year and age I was when I drew them. My dad told me to always sign my work, just in case. Some of them I hadn’t looked at in years, and seeing them again has brought back so many memories.

I didn’t become a Disney animator as you can see, but I still love to draw. I have recently started drawing again, you know with all this maternity leave, I have found some spare time for drawing! And I love it more now, because I am drawing for myself and Jacob. I hope when he is a bit older he will inherit the “Bookie-Pencil” nickname.

“I hope we’ll never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse” – Walt Disney


Originally posted SEP 26TH 2015 on previous website


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