My Villain Dolls

My sister and I had every Disney doll up until Mulan. They came with costumes, and sometimes props, or their sidekick pet. They were played with all the time and very much loved. But in 2001, we got, for the first time, Villain dolls.

They were wickedly brilliant! The boxes were just as good as the dolls, unfortunately though, I don’t have the boxes anymore. Each one came with a stand too, so they could be on display. They were never played with like the other Disney dolls. They were admired!

Cruella DeVil has her legendary fur coat, with matching handbag, and her cigarette with holder. The Evil Queen has her signature black cape over her purple gown, with gold crown. And my favourite, Maleficent. She comes with her attitude, her all black costume that spreads out like wings (like the scene in the ballroom when she gives her gift). And of course she has her famous staff and devoted pet crow. Even her ring is on her finger!
villain-dolls1-1024x455These dolls were loved in a different way than the others. They were appreciated. Mainly because not many people had them, and other than the Disney Store, you couldn’t get them anywhere else. You couldn’t buy them again after the Christmas we got them. They never came back into the Disney store. That is until a couple of years ago…

In 2012 the Disney Store announced they would be releasing a Designer Doll collection. And it would be Villains! A different Villain was released every two weeks, and you could only get them online or in selected stores. They were fab! I wanted them all, especially Mother Gothel and The Queen of Hearts. They came in special boxes that had sleeves which you could slip off and have the box on display with the doll inside. I managed to get my hands on a Mother Gothel. She looks like a goddess, not like a Villain at all. Maybe one day ill get The Queen of Hearts.
mothergothel1Since the designer collection, Disney Store released villain dolls to match the current Princesses and Princes in store. It was a lot of fun putting the Princess, Prince and Villain side by side on the shelf. I got Ursula and Jafar to go with my other Villain dolls. My mum tweaked Ursula for me so she could sit as she would have in the film. (her tentacles were straight and stiff, rather than loose and curled.)
villains-dolls2They did release a special edition doll set for Cinderella when it was released on Blu-Ray, and in the set you could get Lady Tremaine (the evil step-mother) and the Ugly Sisters. But it was £60, and I couldn’t justify paying it when I only wanted the Villains. We never got them individually. My fingers are still crossed though.

This year saw the release of another range of Designer Doll collection. Heroes & Villains. Same schedule as the previous designer doll collections Disney Store has released. These look really good, I’d buy them all if I had the money! But I particular like the Old Hag with Snow White, and Captain Hook!

all-villain-dollsI’ve safely put my collection into hibernation until I find somewhere new to display them. They were in Jacob’s room, before it was his. Probably when we get a bigger house I’ll be able to put them out again, with some new additions I hope!

Do you have any of the Villains? Or maybe you have your own doll collection? Share your pictures and let me know who’s your fav!

“A Villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told” – Maleficent


Originally posted OCT 7TH 2015 on previous website


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