So I finally got to see the new Disney Channel Original movie, Descendants. I first heard about it early last year, and was very excited. I couldn’t believe it had taken this long for Disney to do such an idea. Children of our favourite villains! I wasn’t sure at the time if it was going to be a series, a cinema release film, or Disney channel movie. It wasn’t until it launched on 24th September that I was aware it was a Disney Channel Original movie, with a series to follow as well.

Descendants is about a present-day Auradon, where Ben, the teenage son of King “Beast” and Queen Belle, is  about to take the throne. He offers a chance for redemption to the trouble-making teenaged descendants of defeated villains exiled to the remote Isle of the Lost. The villains’ descendants have been granted permission to attend prep school in the kingdom with the Disney heroes’ kids. It’s also a musical, with original songs, and it’s directed by the brilliant Kenny Ortega. He brought us High School Musical, and Hocus Pocus!
descendants1-1024x576The film actually wasn’t supposed to be a musical, but when Kenny Ortega took on the job he made it one. There’s not as many songs in the movie, as there is in HSM, All of the songs are good and catchy. My favourites are “did i mention” and “if only”. And, like HSM, they finale song has all the cast singing and dancing together.



Apart from the opening song “Rotten to the Core”, I didn’t really find the rest of the music and songs that “cheezy”. This was definately one of the reasons I liked the movie so much. I mean I love HSM, its pure “cheez” but there are bits that are sickeningly “cheezy” that I cringe at. I didn’t cringe at all while watching Descendants.

The characters are really good, and the cast for the film is great. Kathy Najimy, who you will know from Hocus Pocus and Sister Act, plays The Evil Queen. Unfortunately her part isn’t very big, but she puts her mark on it. Now Kristin Chenoweth definately puts her twist on the character of Maleficent. She is evil, but at the same time you like her. She also adds a bit of wicked comedy to her character as well as the film.

I didn’t know any of the actors or actresses who were playing the teenagers, and that can be better, because then you don’t have expectations. Lets meet the Villains’ children first….

(photos not available)

Mal is my favourite character in the whole film. She has the best Villain as a parent, I love her hair and costumes (except the dress she wears at Ben’s coronation) and she sings one of my favourite songs in the film. Oh and she has the book of spells, and is artistic!

The Heroes and Heroines children are good and some are bitchy! The Fairy Godmother having a daughter surprised me the most, and it was good that they had a child who was not from a Prince and Princess as a main character. Lets meet some of them…

(photos not available)

To some up, if your a Disney fan and fancy watching a cheezy, feel-good movie, then you should give this one a viewing. Especially if you enjoyed any of the HSM films. However, now I have seen the film, I am disappointed in the merchandise that is currently available. Maybe its because of the time of year, other products (like Star Wars) and certain holidays, have probably trumped it. I would definitely like a mini Magic Mirror like Evie! Anyway, enjoy the film and let us know what you think.

“The strength of evil is good as none, which stands before four hearts as one!” – Mal


Originally posted OCT 15TH 2015 on previous website


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