The Nightmare Before Christmas – Part 2

There is 6 more sleeps till Halloween, and 61 more sleeps till CHRISTMAS!!!! I can’t wait to put my tree up and see Jacob’s face! Anyhoo, back to the title of this post, and now I’m going to get into how much of a fan I became of the film. When I first watched it, I really enjoyed it. I loved the music, I loved the animation, and the characters, especially Jack Skellington. But I was 8 years old, and I enjoyed it like I enjoyed the other Disney films, I just didn’t appreciate the artistic side to it.

When I was a teenager, and was really focused on my drawings, my mum got me a fantastic book, “The art of The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The book is all about how the movie was made, about Time Burton’s original poem and drawings. This book was the beginning of my love of the film, as it touched my love and passion for animation.
NBCartbook1NBCartbook2Back then, it was only around October that you could get merchandise of the film, and was usually in The Disney Store. The odd side street shop had bits and bobs, and it was Forbidden Planet that you could get action figures. However, when I moved to Spain, weirdly I could get a few bits over there to do with the film. It may have been at the markets, or in a quirky little shop, but over the years, the popularity of the film was growing. It was clear that there were fans all over the world, not just back home.

I was starting to see purses, handbags, as well as key-rings. And of course as more and more people were using mobiles, you could then get mobile charms, and covers, and socks (never understood how that became a thing lol). By the time I moved back to the UK, it wasn’t just the Disney Store selling merchandise based on Jack or the film. And it wasn’t little things any more, you could get clothes, pyjamas, glasses, mugs, bags, jumpers, canvas’ and ornaments for the home. It was selling! It wasn’t just around October you could buy merchandise, it lasted until Christmas, and now you can get any time of the year thanks to shopping online.
NBCmerchandiseNBCcookiejarWhen I worked at the Disney Store I got a few bits for the house. I got a tea light holder, and a Christmas countdown ornament, and my favourite (even though I don’t eat cookies) is my cookie jar!

There was a dinner plate set on the Disney website a few years ago, but it was very pricey. I would like to get a mug set for my kitchen, but I haven’t seen the perfect mug yet. I do have some Christmas bits too, but you’ll see them when I get them out for Christmas.

I remember when I was a teenager, and cliché clicks were still very much a part of school life. Well Jack and his friends were very popular among the group we would call “Goths”. You would definitely find a key-chain/charm dangling off their black backpacks, or they would be wearing a black hoody with Jack’s face on the front. Now, there’s still small cliché clicks here and there, but the love of the film is growing outside the stereotype that we call “Goth”.
NBCmickeyOver the years since the film was first released, more and more people have seen it and loved it, I have even grown to love it more. I have also become a massive fan of Tim Burton’s work. My mum was a huge fan too, and we love watching his movies together. I’m so glad Disney still continues to work with him, and when he made Alice in Wonderland, it was like, how did this not happen sooner? It made perfect sense for Tim Burton to make this film. I can’t wait for Alice Through the Looking Glass. I’m getting carried away now.

I think you can gather I am a fan and a lover of this film, and I am so looking forward for Jacob to appreciate it. After Halloween, I will probably watch the film again when I’m putting up my Christmas decorations. I love singing “What’s This?” while I’m decorating the tree. Do you have a favourite song you sing when putting up your tree?

“There’s children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads, they’re busy building toys, and absolutely no ones dead!” – Jack Skellington


Originally posted OCT 25TH 2015 on previous website


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