Jacob’s First Halloween

Jacob’s first Halloween was a success! It started in the morning, after his breakfast. We chilled in bed and put on Monster’s Inc. Jacob wanted to learn all about his character. And then the fun began…

It was now time to get our little monster-in-the-making, ready for his big, scary debut! Bath time was first on the agenda, followed by practising his “Roaring” skills…
jacobbathtimejacobhalloween1Now that our little monster is clean and “Roaring”, it was then time to get him into his costume…
jacobhalloween2jacobhalloween3The Monster is ready! Now it’s off to cousin Zachary’s for tricks and treats (well for us grown ups anyway)…
jacobandmehalloween1We arrived at Auntie Holly and Uncle Matt’s and the fun began! Zachary was dressed as a baby pumpkin! The two of them together melted our hearts, they were not scary at all! They were just full of cuteness! My camera was out, Holly’s camera was out, we couldn’t stop taking photos of them. And they were so well behaved, they just laughed and giggled all night…
zachandjacobhalloween3zachandjacobhalloween7It was a brilliant night, and Jacob was so happy as Sully. Blue certainly suits him. Looking forward to next year, when my little man will be walking and maybe saying a few words too!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween, and had fun dressing up!
jacobhalloween5He had a very good night’s sleep… and so did mummy and daddy!


Originally posted NOV 2ND 2015 on previous website


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