Jacob’s Mickey Outfits

Some people will say Jacob doesn’t really have a choice in what clothes he wears. This is sort of true, however, you all know my son LOVES Mickey Mouse, and it just so happens he has a lot of outfits with Mickey on them. I will admit, I am having a lot of fun dressing him in his clothes, and my son looks so adorable in them.

Thankfully for me, especially being a Mickey fan myself, I do not struggle to find clothes with Mickey Mouse on them. Most shops now on the high street sell some form of clothing with a Disney character(s) on them. And since having Jacob, I’ve been surprised to find a lot of them sell baby/kids clothing. Like I had no idea that H&M in the Highcross had a whole third floor just for kids clothing! And River Island do clothes for babies now.

It’s highly likely I have bought all the clothes you can get with Mickey Mouse on for babies. I didn’t buy them all though, those who know me best bought Jacob some fantastic outfits with Mickey on. My sister got him a beautiful white shirt from Next, that was covered in mickeys. And my friend Jen bought two Mickey sleep suits from H&M, and two Mickey t-shirts that came with shorts.

Here are some of the outfits my gorgeous boy has worn…
IMG_4269IMG_4258As you can see from some of the photos, its not just been tees, and shirts and sleep suits. He’s got Mickey Mouse dummy’s, a furry Mickey hat (which also comes with mittens and bootys) and my favourite, grey shoes (they were from ASDA). My favourite clothing has to be the Mickey, Donald and Pluto jumper. That was from H&M, and it was a bargain. They actually had matching long sleeve tops but they didn’t have his size. But the colours are fab, and it really suits him. Most of the clothes though isn’t babyish, which I like. They’re not just the typical boy blue colours either, which I find, is babyish.

It may seem a bit OTT, but don’t worry, he’s not dressed like this everyday! ( I don’t have enough Mickey clothes to do that). He does wear other characters, like Olaf, and The Avengers, and The Cookie Monster. He is now getting close to fitting 9-12 months, and I can get so much more smart clothes, like polo shirts, in that size.

But my little precious isn’t going to be a baby forever, and it won’t be long until he is telling me what he is wearing. I just hope he never tells me that he doesn’t want to wear Mickey anymore! I will cry my eyes out!

ANYWAY that’s still a while yet. Right now, while he can’t make his own decisions, I will continue to have fun dressing my lil man. (Wait till I dress him up AS Mickey Mouse – that day is not far away!)


Originally posted NOV 10TH 2015 on previous website

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