Disney’s ABC Shows

The American Broadcasting Company, also known as abc, is an American commercial broadcast television network that is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group, a subsidiary of Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company. It originally launched October 12, 1943, as a Radio network. But now, it’s almost exclusively television.

Here in the UK we don’t have any of the abc channels, which is unfortunate. When we visited New York, our hotel was on the same street as abc’s Good Morning America. We watched it every morning, it was so much fun. Some of our channels have tried to do their version, but it’s not the same. They just can’t seem to get the same buzz, as they do over in America.

Thanks to streaming channels like Netflix, we can watch some of abc’s past and present TV shows. Our childhood fairy tales are brought to life in a little town called Storybrooke in Once Upon a Time. We witness serious medical drama, as well as romance, in Grey’s Anatomy. Sadly we are still not over the loss of McDreamy. Olivia Pope is the leader of the gladiators, and love of the President, in Scandal. Four best friends and their friendship is put to the test, after a murder that is close to them, in Pretty Little Liars. A group of strangers are stranded on an Island after a plane crash, in Lost. Country music is centre stage, along with all the personal drama that comes with it, in Nashville. The Pritchet and Dunphy family and their comedic trials and tribulations are the stars of Modern Family. And lastly Mike Baxter, father of three, tries to maintain his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women, in Last Man Standing.
FullSizeRenderThese are just some of the many great shows on abc’s network. The ones I’ve mentioned are all currently available to stream on Netflix, or other streaming channels. You can watch the likes of Nashville on 4OD, and Modern Family is on Sky one. I’ve been able to watch them all. I’m still on maternity leave remember!

I’ve recently started watching Last Man Standing, thanks to my sister who told me to watch it. We managed to watch all of season one yesterday. We were fans of the classic Home Improvement, and my sister told us that this is even better! Instead of Tim Allen’s character having three boys, he has three girls, and a grandson! The show has some similarity to Home improvement. For instance, instead of filming the DIY show, Tim Allen’s character Mike Baxter, has a Vlog to promote certain products for the Outdoor Man store he works for. It’s full of one liners, but also makes fun of some serious topics currently on debate in America. Mike Baxter is a bit of a modern day stereotype of an American Republican, and so funny. There some similarity’s between Mike and my husband, which makes the show even more hilarious to me. So many times I kept shouting “You say that!”, or “You do that”. I would SO recommend you to watch this show.

Let’s get back to OUAT. I left it so I had the first 5 episodes to watch, so I had a few to binge watch. Oh my god it’s SO GOOD! I love Dark Swan! She has got a bit of attitude, and she’s confident, and she’s in control (well so we are led to believe). Obviously all the heroes don’t like Dark Swan and are on a mission to stop her. But I much prefer Emma dark. And it’s not that she is a villain, its that she seems to be a stronger character, and it makes a change, I much prefer when the traditional happy ever after gets a twist here and there, and that the obvious storyline, becomes an unexpected one.

I love a good TV drama, and being brought up with Chicago Hope and ER, medical dramas are a particular favourite. I knew of Grey’s Anatomy, and I knew all about how popular it was, especially McDreamy, Patrick Dempsy. So I thought I’d give it a go. Well… I was addicted! So much so, my sister-in-law Lauren got back into watching it, and then my sister Holly started watching it. At one point, all three of us were hooked at the same time, me being ahead though. I was suitably impressed with how well the storylines were, and how great the characters are. It’s the first show where the female lead is my favourite character. I love Merideth. Every choice she made, I probably would have made the same decision. I also found the show very emotional, more than any other medical drama I’ve watched in the past. It takes a lot to make me cry, so I knew this was a brilliant show. And yes, it was very sad when McDreamy was taken away from us, and what an emotional exit for the character! I, on the other hand, am looking forward to seeing how Merideth copes with life without Derek. I want her to be strong, and independent, and eventually find someone else, but not straight away. I guess i’ll find out when I get to see the current series.

Modern Family first appeared on Sky one in October 2009. We had Sky at the time, so we gave it a go. The moment Phil Dunphy attempts to re-create the High School Musical dance routine in the first episode, we as a family were fans. I knew this show was going to be special, and nothing we’d seen before. I was so right! Currently, on it’s seventh season, with countless awards won, the show is still a success and going very strong. This is a show for all family’s, big or small, you will find something in common with the Pritchetts or the Dunphys. My Mum and Dad were lucky enough to watch it on one of their Spanish channels. Unfortunately my Dad never got to see them in proper order. But he was a big fan, and his favourite character was Gloria. My Mum has them all on DVD now, and watches them over and over (in the right order). It always makes the bad days easier and brighter.
6e0Thanks to the internet, we are not as restricted with what we can watch, like 10 years ago. Channels all over the world are now adapting to modern technology, and joining the world of streaming. It stops illegal downloading as well. Streaming has made it possible for viewers to watch programmes they never would have seen otherwise. We know that America has so much more to offer, in terms of TV programmes and film. And they tend to be my favourite. So if you can stream at home or on the go, or have Sky or Virgin, you should definitely start watching one of these shows. Unless you’ve seen them all like me, then tell your friends and family to watch them!


Originally posted NOV 12TH 2015 on previous website


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