Mickey Mouse & Holly’s Birthday

It’s November 18th, which means it’s my sister Holly’s birthday, she will be 26 this year! But it’s also Mickey Mouse‘s birthday too! All the way back in 1928, Walt Disney created the famous mascot of The Walt Disney Company.
Mickey was first seen in a test screening of Plane Crazy, but officially debuted in Steamboat Willie. Which was one of the first sound cartoons! Mickey went on to have a very successful career, appearing in over 130 short films. Hey, when are they gona give Mickey his own feature film??
Anyway, in 1978, he became the first cartoon character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Mickey has also appeared in comic books and in television series such as The Mickey Mouse Club. “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!” you probably know the clubhouse version and not the original. Well The Mickey Mouse Club celebrated 60 years this year. And some of the original Mouseketeers reunited and sang the original march song in front of an audience.
page21-1009-fullMickey generally appears alongside his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, his pet dog Pluto, his friends Donald Duck, and Goofy, and his nemesis Pete, among others. Originally characterized as a mischievous antihero, Mickey’s increasing popularity led to him being re-branded as an everyman, usually seen as a flawed, but adventurous hero. In 2009, Disney began to rebrand the character again by putting less emphasis on his pleasant, cheerful side and reintroducing the more mischievous and adventurous sides of his personality, beginning with the video game Epic Mickey. I have this game on the Wii, it’s so cool! (Geek moment!)

And as you all know by now, if you’ve read previous posts, Mickey Mouse is very popular in our house! I am falling in love all over again with the famous mouse, thanks to my son. Mickey has always had a special place in my heart, and I love reading all the stories of his history, especially his early days when he was first introduced to the world. You’ve probably heard the story of how Walt Disney’s wife named Mickey, and that originally he was going to be called Mortimer. Thank God Mrs Disney intervened!

This year, Mickey will be 87 years old!

He’s still got a lot of energy for an 87-year-old mouse, and has not aged one bit!

But the birthday girl on the other hand…
IMG_4342My sister has changed since these adorable pictures, back when she was young and cute! Before she became a grown up and a mum, Holly loved her Pocahontas duvet set, liked pretending she was a spice girl, and spent her pocket money on Winnie the Pooh beanies!

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday Mickey! (Jacob can’t wait to meet you one day!)


Originally posted NOV 18TH 2015 on previous website


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