Star Wars – 21 More Sleeps

Only 21 days until I finally get to see Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Yes I was one of those “Geeks” who pre-booked their cinema tickets for the first day of release. At 18.15 me, my husband and the in-laws will be sat in the Odeon cinema anxiously waiting for the most iconic intro to a movie…

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

I can’t wait!

So to prove how excited I am about the new film, and future trilogy, you are about to see my recent purchases…

I got my usual monthly update by email from Disney, which usually includes new apps, film releases, games etc. Only Octobers email included something very different. The Royal Mail was releasing collectable stamps, and limited edition products all related to the new Star Wars film and the saga.

Well I immediately turned to my husband and showed him the email and demanded we get them! Now I don’t collect stamps, I have admired the special stamps I’ve seen over the years that the Royal Mail has released, but collecting stamps has never been something I’ve been interested in.

My Granda, however, has an amazing stamp collection, which he passed on to my Uncle David, who is continuing the collection and even has a standing order with the Royal Mail. This means he automatically gets sent any special/limited edition stamps they create.

I wanted to buy these Star Wars stamps as a souvenir, and to keep for Jacob. Not only will they be a keepsake for the release of this new Star Wars film, but the film and stamps will have been released the same year my son was born.

If you have a look on the Royal Mail website, you will see they have lots of different variations of the Star Wars stamps that you can purchase. I just wanted the character stamps. Luckily though, I had waited a bit before I ordered them, as I then saw an ad on Facebook for the same collection of stamps, only they were specifically advertising personalised ones. I was intrigued!

I clicked on the ad, and it took me to the Royal Mail website, which had now added these new personalised collections of stamps. You could upload a photo of your choice, and choose which series of stamps you wanted them to be printed with. This was just perfect! And of course that adorable picture I have of my little man dressed as R2-D2 was certainly the perfect picture to upload. The order was placed…
starwarsstamps3They have arrived! As you can see, I chose the Han Solo series of stamps. Now I can use these as first class stamps, but obviously I’m keeping them safe. I’m gona send one to my Granda, and one I’ll put in a frame and hang up. The rest will be put away for safe keeping.
IMG_4428These are the character stamps I chose. They are on a special envelope, and inside, came with a special card with a description of the saga. These are also stamped with the release date of the stamps. Here’s a closer look at them with character descriptions…

(pictures not available)

I don’t normally go mad like this over a film, but the Star Wars films mean so much to me, and I’m so excited to be witnessing such excitement, such expectation, and such anticipation. It’s so HUGE. It’s EVERYWHERE.

I have not watched any new trailers or TV spots since the last big trailer release back in October. I’m scared I’ll start to see too much of the film already.

So if your a mad fan like me, these stamps may be the perfect little souvenir for you to cherish, and have as a keepsake. These stamps alone, proves to our children when they grow up, just how MASSIVE these movies, and future movies are to us and our parents.

May the Force be with you…

Master Jamie

Originally posted NOV 26TH 2015 on previous website


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