Animator Dolls

I will never forget when the Animator Doll collection first came into the Disney Store. It was the same feeling I’d get when Christmas stock would come in. I couldn’t stop staring at them. They were all so beautiful, and the boxes they came in were covered in the cutest sketches of the character.
It was when the Tangled merchandise was doing really well, way after its release in the cinema and DVD. I think it was actually its first Christmas. It was the animator doll that was always sold out, and of course everybody wanted it. It was the first time, from my knowledge, that you could purchase the toddler doll of a Disney princess.
We’ve seen some of our favourite characters as toddlers or children in previous films. And luckily someone came up with the idea of creating toddler Rapunzal as a doll. I mean, that scene when she sneaks to the window, followed by her hair, as she looks up into the sky to see the lanterns, ugh, its so cute! And becuase no one has been able to buy the child-like version of their favourite characters before, of course the Rapunzel animator doll was the most in demand toy that Christmas!

I think it was around the time Brave was in the cinema, when they released the Animator’s collection. All the dolls were designed by a Disney Animator!
I was lucky enough to put the display together, so I really got a good look at them all as I put them on the shelves. And I’d decided which ones I wanted. Belle was obviously going to be the first one I was going to get. I then had to decide if was going to get more, or all!?! I wanted Merida, Pocahontas (she always looked like she needed a loving home) and Snow White. I got all four!
IMG_5155 IMG_5159
And then my mother-in-law surprised me two Christmas’s ago, when she got me Elsa!
10636005_10152974182261694_3813063728085249972_nBut when they released the Frozen Animator Dolls, they didn’t just do the princesses. for the first time they did a male, and it was Kristoff! He looked so cute with his boots and hat. So was this just going to be a one off, or was it the beginning of them making the Prince’s?

When we were in New York, they had released Tinkerbell. She had the cutest lil pot belly, with her hair in a bun! My sister brought Tink home all the way from NY. Our stores got her that Christmas, but my sister couldn’t wait (plus it worked out cheaper in Dollars!). Then last year, for the special edition release of Aladdin in the States, they released Aladdin animator doll. I first got word of him on DisneyFind, and then let my sister know. As soon as they came available here in the UK, my sister got him. Along with Aladdin, Disney Store released a special Sven and Flounder that came under the Animator collection. They could speak, and presented in a square box, with the signature sketches covering it.
It was a week before Christmas, and once again, thanks to DisneyFind, I got word of another animator doll being released. Lilo! I text my sister straight away to tell her and she couldnt believe it. We both thought it was so random. There was nothing special happening with Lilo and Stitch, and yet, they sneakily released a Lilo Animator Doll. Of course I imediately told Ben about her and asked if there was any chance of someone struggling to get me a Christmas present that I wanted her. To my surprise, my sister got me her from my nephew. I proudly have her displayed next to my bed. She comes with her very own satchel and doll. Unfortunately her satchel is not filled with tuna sandwiches.
10392227_10153902956911694_6482856032528474973_nSo this, unexpected release of Lilo, got me and my sister thinking, which ones should they release next, if they plan to release any more that is? And we decided that they should release the following…

HERCULES!!! He could come with his own pegasus toy, and his signature blonde curls! they could even make a toddler megra to go with him, and she could have a toy Phil, hehe.
TARZAN!!! We saw baby and young child Tarzan. He could come with a toy Terk, and could also come in a square box, so that he can be on all fours like an ape!
KUSCO!!!! I took the pleasure of drawing baby Kusco with his very own Llama teddy.
Major cuteness!
PETER PAN!!! The boy who never grows up! They made Tink, so she needs her partner in crime. Not sure what teddy he could come with, maybe a tik-tok croc?
KRONK!!! Again, we saw baby Kronk in his own feature film. He could have a squirrel teddy.
PRINCE PHILIP!!! We saw him as a young boy at the start of the film, so he wouldn’t be very hard to do. He could come with his horse as a teddy.
BEAST!!! Now I know we don’t see the Beast as a toddler, becuase obviously he is a Prince who is turned into the Beast. But how cute would he be?!
CHARLOTTE!!! Now she would be FAB to have, wearing the pink princess costume she does at the start of the film, and she would have a prince doll, or a prince frog as her teddy!

So what do you think? Should they continue the animator doll collection? Should they add more male characters? I think they should. The collection is still very popular, and very affordable too.

Do you have any of the animator dolls? Which ones would you get?



4 Replies to “Animator Dolls”

  1. I love this collection so much! Me and my mum really want the Mulan and Belle dolls! I want them so bad but I don’t know what I would do with them if I got them haha!


    1. Yeah I know what you mean, I used to have them on display in my guest room, but that got turned into a baby’s room for a boy lol so happy u read my post, thank u xx


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