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I didn’t realise how welcoming the blogging community could be, and I still feel like the new girl who’s arrived in class. But thanks to Twitter, in particular, I have become a bit more confident in communicating with other bloggers. I follow different bloggers on Twitter, but because my blog is about Disney, sometimes I feel I can’t relate to most of the bloggers I follow, and I feel silly communicating with them or joining in their chats, when my blog has nothing to do with beauty or fashion for example.
However, some of the bloggers I follow who’s blogs are just that, have been very friendly towards me, because they also are Disney fans. So I have joined #GirlGang and Thursday night, got involved in my first #disneybloggerschat which I loved! Without further a due, here are just some of the lovely voices I have been reading, who have also made me feel part of the gang…

Tea is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Kimberley was one of the first bloggers who made me feel welcome. I read her Disney Personality Tag, and asked her if I could do it too. Thankfully she said yes! Kimberley has recently given her site a make-over and its PINK, PINK, PINK! You will love it. She blogs every Monday, although I wish she had the time to do more. Her profile picture is like Belle, but with Minnie ears!

Jade always likes my blog tweets. She is also a Disney fan, and visited Disneyland Paris, with her mum, last Halloween. If I remember rightly, her fav character is Donald Duck. Jade is very positive, and will always send you a nice tweet, just when you need it!

Scariel’s Grotto
AKA Amy, is another fellow blogger that will like my blog tweets, or drop me a comment on them. Her unique blog welcomes you with “Aloha my wonderful merfolk!”. If you like alternative fashion, and also a fan of Disney, then you will enjoy Amy’s posts. With Fashion Friday’s and Tag Tuedays, you will enjoy the read.

Underland to Wonderland
Danielle was one of the first to make me feel welcome and part of the group. With her unique style and amazing tattoos, she is a Disney fan too. Can you guess which film is her fav? My post “30 Disney Qs Tag” was thanks to her. I read hers just after Xmas and asked if I could do it too. She was more than encouraging!

Skinned Car Tree
A UK lifestyle blog, Corinne has been a HUGE help to me and other bloggers. Her great tips on how to keep your followers, increase your traffic and improve your blog, has been great for me. Still being new to blogging, I have really appreciated her posts, and I must say, her tips do work, as long as you make the time and effort yourself.

A Gems Life
Formerly known as “Nagging Mother!” Gemma is the proud mum of “Kid 1” and “Kid 2”. Her posts are very amusing, and helpful. I got some really good tips from her, and a fab Christmas Tag too! A Disney fan like myself, her lifestyle blog is a must read.

Prim & Propa
Primal I personally know, we used to work together at The Disney Store! So he’s a fan! Primal’s blog is all about fashion and style. He is all about The Cape, and loves his Lush bombs! He likes taking car selfies of his outfits for work, and trys to get to London as much as possible. He also created his own jewellery line!

If you haven’t seen or heard of Dorkface, then you probably aren’t on Twitter a lot. Gemma is the creator of The Girl Gang (#TheGirlGang) and is also an illustrator and designs blog headers. You can also find her on Periscope, where she gets up to mischief! Oh and her hair colour changes regularly.

The list could be bigger, but I’m scared you might get bored. However, AFilmADay, Eleanor Abby, Jenny in Neverland, Sophi-Wan Kenobi, Lizi, have been FAB! If you’re a Disney fan, then take a look at these blogs as well.

Thank you to my present and future followers and readers! Oh and for a bit of a laugh, I’ve seen some of you fellow blogger’s work space, and I am jealous! Check out mine…
FullSizeRender…As you can see, I’m currently working on my kitchen table, and my Laptop isn’t a Laptop anymore because it has to be plugged in ALL the time. The battery fell out one day and decided it didn’t want to go back in!

“I’m a Damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day!” – Megra






2 Replies to “Disney Bloggers”

  1. You should be comfortable to join in on any twitter chats – I join in with loads and over half of them aren’t relevant to my blog, but it’s nice to chat to others 🙂 I love your blog, so good luck with it in 2016! Will go check out the others too 🙂 Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk


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