Disney PJs

I know I was not the only one that asked for, and got, a pair of Disney PJs for Christmas! And I know I’m not the only one that likes to put on a new or fresh pair of PJs, stick a movie on, or the series your watching on Netflix, and chill-ax! It’s one of life’s pleasures. So I want to be comfy and lounging about in Disney PJs.
The pair I got for Christmas, was Beauty and the Beast, from TopShop…
IMG_5028Although, I saw loads of great Disney PJs that I wanted, I mean my Christmas list could have been quite different. If you like Disney, and you like wearing PJs, then you won’t struggle to get a pair of Disney PJs. Everywhere seems to be doing them now. Here take a look at some of the ones I’ve found online…

(picture not available)

They are all so cool! And of course, you can also find Disney Pjs in Primark, no problem-o.
I’ve been wearing Disney Pyjamas, since I was a very young girl. Like Disney bedding, whenever a new Disney film came out, me and my sister always got a pair of Pyjamas to wear. I’m so glad that they are even more popular now for children and adults, cus, I’ll be buying them for Jacob, just like my mum did for us.
IMG_5227Jacob has a few of his own Disney PJs, and the ones he is currently wearing, are like the best ones he’s had. Not just because they are Monster’s Inc. But the design of them as well is brilliant. The trousers, have a light eslastic around the ankle so that they stay fitted around the feet! Unfortunately they were bought in America, but I am on the hunt for a similar design. Check them out…
IMG_5228Other PJs I’ve bought either, the legs are too big on my little man, so they have to be pulled up a lot, or they don’t come with feet. The sets I’ve bought from Tesco, which look great, actually have become lounge wear for him. Just because they look a bit better than PJs, so he wears them if we are just in the house.
IMG_5226And the sleepsuits I’ve come across, I’ve found them to be a bit baby-ish. Jacob’s nearly 10 months now, and although he still little, I don’t like the baby blue/newborn designs that I only seem to be able to find.

Anyway, so my point is, Jacob and I LOVE Pjs, and we love our Pyjama days. And there’s no better way, than spending those days in DISNEY PYJAMAS! Who’s with me?! I want to see the Disney Pyjamas you got for Christmas, or your fav pair! Come on, let’s see those fabulous photos…



2 Replies to “Disney PJs”

    1. You can get the beauty and the beast ones from TopShop! They have a brilliant selection of Disney pjs! Thanks for reading xx


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