The Collectionn Series – Tsum Tsums

Remember when you were at school, and there was always something that EVERYONE was crazy about, and wanted to collect? When I was a kid it was Pogs, and the footballers with the little bodies and the big heads (can’t remember what they were called). Others got into Pokemon, or sticker collecting, or Spice Girls photo collecting, and yes I had the photo album too!
So I thought I would do a series based on collections, seen as how there are so many that are popular right now. And not just popular with kids, adults are into too! I’m going to start with Tsum Tsums!!!
I first heard of them a couple of years ago, but had no idea what it was, and I first saw them when we were in New York, back in 2014. And everyone pronounces it differently as well lol. Some people say it with an “uh” sound, I say it with an “oo” sound. Try it, see which one you say.
The name “Tsum Tsum” comes from the Japnese verb tsumu, meaning “to stack”. The collectable “plushies” as they are known, are designed to stack on top of each other, no matter what size, to form a pyramid. They were first introduced in Japan in 2013, after Disney Japan’s popular mobile game with the same name.
Due to the success and high demand of the plushies, Disney exported the toys to the U.S. in July 2014, and then to Disneyland Paris the following month.
It was in 2015 that you could finally buy them here in the UK. And not just at The Disney Store, you can purchase them online, and at Cintons, Primark, The Entertainer and Argos.
The plushies come in 3 different sizes, mini (3 1/2 inches long), medium (11 inches long), and large (17 inches long). I prefer the mini ones, I think they are so cute, and love how they can sit in the palm of your hand like a little creature!
IMG_5294Along with the plushies, Disney have created other products for Tsum Tsum fans. You can purchase stationary, clothes, phone cases, playsets and more.
If you are thinking about starting a Tsum Tsum collection, you can purchase starter packs. And at the moment, the U.S. are doing a subscription with a special small size that’s 7 1/2 inches, so hopefully it wont be long till we get that here in the UK. I would also recommend to have a look on eBay. I’ve got a phew tsum tsums on my watch-list and they’re ones that haven’t been released here yet.
Jacob got our Tsum Tsums for his Christmas, as I thought they were the perfect size (mini) for him to hold. To be honest, Jacob’s my excuse for buying them now. The mini’s are a good price though, so they are not an expensive collection to have. Perfect really for kids who get pocket money, or have saved up their Tooth-Fairy money.

Do you have a Tsum Tsum collection? Or are you thinking of collecting them? Let me know, and which ones you have! Oh and just so you know, the Zootropolis collection is released February 2nd!

“Keep calm and love Tsum Tsums.”



4 Replies to “The Collectionn Series – Tsum Tsums”

  1. J there’s also a Guardians of The Galaxy collection coming out next Tsueday! 19th Jan!! It launches the new system of getting in a new range mid month!! I’ve been meaning to text you! Knew you’d be excited!!! Lol xxx


    1. Thanks Kate! Aparantly the new Jungle Book ones have been released so I’m hoping to get my hands on them!!! Xxx


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