It’s Award Season!

It’s that time of year again, where us film fans get excited about which of our recently watched films are awarded. Will it get an award for Best Sound? or Best Supporting Actor? Or Best Costume? When I was younger I used to LOVE watching the Academy Awards, and that was back when it used to be on the bbc. My mum would tape it, and hope the tape ran long enough to record the whole show. Thanks to the internet now though, I am able to watch the best bits from the show without fast forwarding the boring bits. But I actually find the Golden Globes more exciting, simply because it has more categories, and involves TV as well. And it was these awards that was hosted by Ricky Gervais Sunday evening.
Disney Pixar’s Inside Out won the Award for Best Animated movie. Yesterday the Academy Awards released their nominations, and of course Inside Out has been nominated for Best Animated Movie. Sanjay’s Superheroes has also been nominated, for Best Animated Short.
Disney has a long history of winning awards. Most people would have seen the famous clip/photographs of Walt Disney being awarded a special set of Academy Awards in 1939. Prsented to him by Shirley Temple, Disney recieved an Honorary Oscar, along with seven smaller Oscars, for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, In total, Walt Disney won 58 awards plus 46 nominations up until 1969. But the company has continued to achieve the success of being nominated and winning awards.
IMG_5303You may already know, that it was because of the success of animated movies, particularly by Disney and Dreamworks, that animated films were given their own category in 2002. Though it was Beauty and the Beast that was the first animated feature film to be nominated for Best Picture . It won the Golden Globe, but not the Oscar. However it showed, the impact Disney and animated movies had.
Since the “Best Animated Feature Film” Category was created, Disney Pixar has won 7 of these awards, and Inside Out may add another.
It’s not just animated movies that Disney wins awards for. In yesterday’s Academy Award nominations, Disney has recieved a total of 15 noms. including Best Costume Design, for their live-action Cinderella. It’s als been nominated by BAFTA and the Guild Awards for the same category.
Star Wars has been given 5 Academy Award nominations, including Special Effects and Sound Editing. But hasn’t been nominated for any of the “Big” awards. Which is unfortunate considering it’s HUGE success that’s still currently on the go!

I do get so excited when I find out the winners, and I hope Disney do well this year, but I have no doubt Inside Out will win, it certainly deserves to. I’d love to host my own Oscars party though, it’s just a shame its only shown on Sky Premier here, and it’s on at like 1 in the morning!

Will you be watching the Academy Awards? Do you think Inside Out should win? Which Disney classic do you think would have won, if it was nominated for Best Animated Movie?

“The difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting.” – Walt Disney



2 Replies to “It’s Award Season!”

  1. It’s always really interesting to see which films are nominated. I really wish that Stars Wars and other films like it got more recognition at the awards – it always seems to be a certain style of film that takes home the big awards, but so many fantasy and sci-fi films have amazing performance which sometimes get missed, but I do love seeing great performance recognised. I’ve never watched the awards, but like you, I go and see the highlight! Here’s hoping Inside Out wins! 😀 – Tasha


    1. Yeah I wish sci-if and fantasy films were recognised more than just special effects. I still get annoyed that Avator didn’t win Best Picture!!! Yes I hope Inside Out wins!!! ☺️


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