20 Facts You Need to Know About Me

I’ve read loads of different blogs and gotten to know other bloggers recently, and I’ve come across a few Tag posts, where the bloggers answer questions about themselves. Some of the Tag posts are mainly about their blog or the subject of their blog, like beauty or fashion.
But I wanted to do something a bit different. I don’t want to copy other bloggers Tags. Instead, I am just going to tell you. I’ve chosen 20 things you need to know about me. Facts that you will, hopefully, find interesting. My passion for Disney is what my blog is all about, you already know this. So for a bit of fun, and so you know my life is not ALL about Disney, I hope you like getting to know me a bit better…

  1. I am a MASSIVE, HUGE, DIE-HARD fan of Michael Jackson. I have all of his albums and DVDs. I was really sad when he passed away, and I was really dissapointed as well. He was my idol as a child, and it became really hard for me as I grew older, discovering all the stories about him, and how he chose to behave sometimes. But no matter what, his music will always be my groove!
  2. There are many beautiful places in the world, and if I had the money, of course I want to see them all. But I’ve always had a secret love and curiosity for Japan. The beautiful landscapes, and colouful city-scapes, it’s art, fashion, I love it.
  3. If I’m at a party, or a wedding, or any kind of celebration that has a dancefloor and a DJ, 90’s pop is my cryptonite! You can’t get me off the dancefloor. Tragedy, Relight my Fire, Wannabe, Stop, Everybody Get Up, Cest la Vie, you name it, I know the words and ill dance to it!
  4. I used to play the piano. From 8 years old, until I was 17, I went to piano lessons. When I was taught at secondary school, my teacher got changed, and so did my music. I didn’t want to play classical. She allowed me to play contemporary music, like Aretha Franklin, and Norah Jones.
  5. I was in my school choir for a couple of years. We entered competitions, got to go down to London. We even recorded a CD, which I designed the cover of, and raised money for the music department!


  1. The first time I wore foundation was on my wedding day, nearly 3 years ago. I’ve used it ever since, and recently been learning how to use contour pallet. I don’t know how I got away with it for so long. I really enjoy putting my make up on now, and I like experimenting with my eyes. I recently waxed to much eyebrow and have had to use an eyebrow pencil everyday lol. Still learning!
  2. I used to have my hair short, like Mary Margaret in OUAT. I loved it! I tried to go blonde as well, but it cost too much money. Ever since I’ve been trying to grow my hair long. But I get the urge, now and then, to chop it all off!
  3. My first job, was at The Disney Store, as a Christmas Temp when I was 16. I did not have a very good experience, and I was relieved I didn’t get kept on as permanent Cast Member. But when I moved to Leicester 8 years ago, my first job was once again at The Disney Store as a Christmas Temp. I worked there for 5 years!
  4. It’s usually when I’m in bed, trying to sleep, when I get myself really motivated about getting fit lol. I don’t do gym, so I have tried lots of other ways to keep fit, at home. I usually only last a week, but the longest I did go, was a month. That was only because my husband was doing it with me lol.
  5. My Mum and Dad would call me the Golden Child (after the Eddie Murphy movie), because when I was a baby, I had a round head with no hair! I didn’t start growing hair until I was 18 months old!
  6. My parents moved me to Spain when I was 17 years old. I lived there for 6 years, until I moved to Leicester, England in 2008. I would never live there again, or recommend anyone to move there with a family.
  7. I did, however, meet my husband in Spain. He was on holiday with his Dad, and I knew his grandparents, as they visited often to play golf. I was working in a bar at the time, which was a local for British ex-pats and holiday makers. It was 10 years ago, in April, that Ben, with his Dad, walked into the bar, and I served him alcoholic beverages! If someone told me then, he was going to be my husband, I would have laughed my ass off!
  8. My husband and I, are massive fans of The Walking Dead. We have been watching it since the first episode aired back in 2010. We now have “family night” every Monday, at my in-laws, where we eat and gather round the TV to watch the latest episode.
  9. I used to smoke. I started when I was 16, but only ever did it when I was around friends. My husband and I stopped 3 years ago. I still love the smell, and I still have the odd moment, where I could have one. I actually have a packet in the house. But I would never start again. Not worth it.
  10. I have two tattoos, a love heart with a treble clef inside, on my wrist. And the Beast on my back. I knew what I wanted, but I took ages to decide where I wanted them. I would like more, and I know what I want, I just can’t afford it right now. I’d like at least one more before my 30th.
  11. I am not a very affectionate person. My husband is more likely to give me a kiss or a hug, than I him. Jacob on the other hand I could kiss all the time. He is so loving as well, and actually hugs you back. But I don’t have the want to hug or kiss anyone else. I know, it’s weird
  12. My biggest crush when I was really young was Chesney Hawks and Keanu Reeves! “I am, the one and only!” That was my theme song for a whole year when I was like 5 lol. And I fell in love with Keanu after I saw Babes in Toyland, with Drew Barrymore!
  13. The first time I came across anything to do with sex, was when I found my parent’s “The Lover’s Guide” video lol! I think was 6 or 7 years old. didn’t have a clue what it was about, but seeing a naked man and woman made me giggle, and I knew I shouldn’t have been watching it. That video got sold at a car-boot, for a bargain price of 50p! Apparently friends of my parents left the video by accident – Yay right!
  14. When I was in Primary School, I entered a talent contest with my friends. It was for the “Cove Gala” when I was 11. We went as The Spice Girls, and performed “Wannabe” and WON!!! One of my proudest moments!
  15. I have watched Friends that many times, at least once a day I can find something that references a scene from an episode! And I’m terrible for saying the lines while watching it, drives my husband nuts! But it’s like the BEST show that’s ever been made! If I’m down and need a pick me up, I put on Friends!

You may have read a few surprising facts, or may be we have a lot in common! I would love to know facts about my fellow bloggers. So what are you waiting for?!

“May be I don’t wana be a shoe anymore, may be I wana be a purse or a hat!” – Rachel Green



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