Disney Channel Original Movies

So I got a bit carried away with Netflix this week. As you know, Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of High School Musical, Disney Channel’s biggest franchise. And of course I had to watch it! Then I watched the second one, and my Disney Channel Marathon hasn’t stopped!

The Disney Channel has produced movies since it began in 1983, but it was in late 1997, that their movies were branded with Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). Their biggest premier happend in 2007, with HSM 2, with 17.2 million viewers (in America). The Second highest rated premier is Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, with 11.4 million viewers. And You used to have to wait months before you could get your favourite DCOM on VHS or DVD. Until the Princess Protection Program, which was the first DCOM to have it’s DVD release a week after the premier.

I don’t have the Disney Channel (I know it’s crazy) so I have to catch the films when I can. Although, when I worked at The Disney Store, I was able to watch them when we got the DVDs in. Now I wait for them to be available on Netflix.

So here are all the DCOM’s I have watched over the last three days…

High School Musical
High School Musical 2 – This is probably my favourite out of the three HSM films. I think the music is much better in this one. My favourite song is “All for One” (the finale song).

Princess Protection Program – This is a nice girlie-feel-good film. I want Selena and Demi to do another film together, only may be this time they could sing!
StarStruck – This film surprised me a lot. I thought it was gona be really bad acting, and a really bad-funny story. don’t get me wrong, it was predictable, but it was watchable, with a couple of good songs.
Lemonade Mouth – This did not feel like a DCOM. I felt like I was watching a really good teen flick, that had done reasonably well in the cinema. The acting was good, the story was a cross between The Breakfast Club and Glee. But despite how well I thought the movie, and music was, I’ve not seen any of the main actors in anything recently.

Frenemies –  This was a bit different, just because it was three different stories. A bit over the top in the acting, and the stories were predictable, but I still kinda liked it. Plus I think Zendaya is SO BEAUTIFUL!
Geek Charming – This was probably the most predictable of all the movies I watched, and had the worst acting I think. It surprised me because I think Sarah Hyland is so funny in Modern Family, but she is very “over-the-top” and “trying-to-hard” acting, in this movie.

There are still a few I’ve yet to watch, that are available on Netflix, like Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. But I did try and attempt the first Cheetah Girls movie, and I had to switch it off after 15 minutes. I honestly don’t know how any of those girls had a career! Sorry Cheetah fans! And I’ve seen both Camp Rock movies, the first one is the best. Oh and, even though it’s not a DCOM, I LOVE  Hannah Montana: The Movie! I wish she was my BFF!

Now which of the DCOM’s are your favourite? Is there any I’ve mentioned you haven’t seen yet? Or is there one you would recommend?

“Sometimes we need a little magic…”



6 Replies to “Disney Channel Original Movies”

  1. I love lemondade mouth, it’s such a good film X also how con u not like cheetah girls I used to love it though I haven’t seen the films for a few years m, maybe I should revisit them. I would recommend you to watch the first 3 Halloween town movies and twitches 1 and 2 though I’m not sure they are on Netflix X some of my faves were the ones released in early 2000s X


    1. I managed to watch Cheetah Girls One World but that was when I worked at Disney Store and I’d watched all the other films in the library lol. Thanks for the recommendations, they’re not on Netflix at the mo but I’ll keep a look out! Yeah was really impressed with Lemonade Mouth! And I forgot to mention I LOVE the descendants too lol xx


  2. There are SO many better DCOMs than HSM! It’s an awesome series of course but I don’t think enough people know about the other amazing films. Especially the pre-2000 ones! From the newer ones I liked Frenemies, Zapped, Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas.
    I haven’t watched the Descendants yet but I really don’t like the look of it which is a shame. I can honestly say the only Disney movie (not just DCOMs) of all time, out of everything I’ve seen, that I don’t like is Into the Woods, so maybe I’ll give Descendants the benefit of the doubt 😛




    1. I’ve just been so surprised that I’ve managed to sit and watch most of them. I expected major cringe and bad cheesy films. So far I’ve liked what I’ve seen. I’m gona try and find the Halloween town ones, and there’s a couple of young Lindsy lohan ones I want to see too. Don’t know if ull like Descendents cus it’s set in a high school like HSM, with clicks in all, and it’s sort of a musical too. And it is a bit predictable. But give it a try u might be surprised, I hope u like it! Xx


  3. I’ve loved High School Musical and Camp Rock since it came out & I don’t think I’ll ever stop, much to the disappointment of my friends. HSM 2 is definitely my favourite one too, I could watch it over and over again! I did love Princess Protection Program & Lemonade Mouth when they were released too. Another classic for me is Cheetah Girls. Starstruck and Jump In will always have a special place in my heart too. xo


    1. Oh yeah I forgot about Jump in, I need to watch that one! So glad to hear I’m not the one!! I need to watch some the early ones too. Xx


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