The Collection Series – Vinylmation

The Collection Series continues this week, and it’s all about Vinylmation. My Tsum Tsums post was very popular, and I got to see a lot of your collections, some I am very jealous of. Plus, did you know that the Disney Store were giving special tsum tsum pins? Yeah I know, I didn’t know about it either until after my post. Apparantly when you purchased a tsum tsum online or in store, you got a token to prove their purchase, once they got 25, they got a silver pin, and the when they got 50, they got a gold pin! My jealousy has increased!

Anyhoo… So tsum tsums are the latest collection craze for Disney fans, but Vinylmation, like tsum tsums, came from afar. The Disney Parks! Vinylmation, a combination of Animation and Vinyl, came too my attention back when I worked at The Disney Store, around 2009. They generally can be found in the shape of Mickey Mouse, but depending on the series, may have different markings. For example, they have Mickey’s trademark ears, but the ears might be painted with stars, depending on the character that’s painted on the figure.
Like with the Disney pins, Vinylmation has become a “trading” sensation. Probably due to the sealed packaging, the trading allows collectors to swap with other collectors online through trading sites, or clubs etc. It’s become so popular, that unfortunately Walt Disney World, and Disneyland have stopped the sealed packaging, as they believe they are “collectables” and  not “traders”.
Each figure is part of an 8, 12 or 24 collection series. They also include an unknown figure called “the chaser”. Some figures come with cards, stickers, or another figure to make a set. Ironically, “the chaser” is the rarest in the sets. There’s also a variant figure, which is randomly inserted that is a different version of a figure in the series.
There are so many different series that has been released over the years, including a “Create Your Own” series. The “Create Your Own” series consists of blank 3″ and 9″ figures, with no artwork printed on them. They’re available in several different colours, including red, yellow, pink, purple, black and white, as well as a glow-in-the-dark green version. This series, allows fans to create their own Disney art, with Disney providing different tools to do so, such as stickers and pencils.
IMG_5428IMG_5420Mickey Mouse is, well, the symbol of the Disney brand. EVERYONE knows who he is, and who he is asccociated with. So it makes sense for these collectables to be the shape of Mickey. However, due to the chosen shape, some characters don’t look “as good” as others. Sometimes they can be off-putting.
I think the reason Vinlymation became popular, because they are unique, and when they were first released, you could only purchase them in the parks. Which made them rare. But, now you can purchase them in certain stores and online, so they aren’t as rare for collectors, although, it makes it easier for trading.

As you can see from my pictures, I have a few Vinlymation figures, but have never wanted to be a collector. The figures I have, are sentimental, mainly from working at the Disney Store. I think they are affordable, and unique in style, but they are currently not as popular as other collectables. If I was able to visit the parks at all, I would probably own a lot more of them.

Do you have a Vinylmation collection? Have you completed a series? Please share photos if you are a collector!

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” – Walt Disney



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