Disney Princesses

Today, 57 years ago, Sleeping Beauty was first shown in LA, and yesterday, 6 years ago, Tangled was released here in the UK. Two iconic Disney Princesses. Two iconic love stories.
In honour of these beauties, I thought we would take a look at all of Disney’s Princesses… Even the forgotten ones…

The Dreamers
Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel, who feature in Disney merchandise and are part of the main group of Princesses that you see all the time. Rapunzel is the most modern of the Dreamers, and probably the most relatabale, who dreams of seeing the world. We all dream that, don’t we? Cinderella needs rescuing, and deserves her Dream to come true. Snow White dreams of her Prince rescuing her and her happy ever after. And I have Aurora to thank for my Blog title. She’s also the Gigi Hadid of the gang I think too.
image-3The Heroines
Merida, Mulan, Anna and Pocahontas go with their heart, and although they love their families, they have to defy them, in order to do what is right. Mulan technically isn’t a Princess, which annoys me, becuase she is a warrior! Merida I see a lot of myself in, especially her relationship with her mother. And Pocahontas I admire a lot. She was so brave, and yet its so sad she couldn’t be with her “Prince”. Anna is desperate to save her relationship with her sister, who she idolises, and who she would freeze for!
Daddy’s Girls
Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Tiana all love their fathers, but their stories have some connection to their relationship with their Dads. Ariel is the youngest of her siblings, and has become her Father’s favourite, so he is very protective of her. This causes her to rebel, and leads her into the hands of Ursula. Tiana’s dream restaurant has been passed down from her Dad. She forgets to “live” and only focuses on her Daddy’s dream, and so she has to “find out what she needs” as a frog. Belle, risks her life for her father. A “little town girl” doesn’t think twice about taking her fathers place as the Beast’s prisoner, unaware she would then fall in love with her captive. Jasmine loves her father dearly and respects him, even though he made the law which forces her to marry a Prince. She doesn’t let her want for freedom get in the way of her relationship with her dad, and she never disrespects him.
The Forgotten Princesses
Eilonway, Kida and Giselle are our forgotten gals. Even I sometimes forget about them. And yet, I believe they are very important characters, and are great role models. Eilonway, despite being found in a dungeon at The Horned King’s Castle, she is not your typical Damsel in Distress, and it’s because of her, Taran is able to complete his quest. Kida is strong, very fiesty, and even though Milo and his gang are alien to her, she goes with her gut to help. She is also a warrior. Gisele, one of my favs, is such a loving character. her vulnerability is so charming, and yet she conquers the big apple with ease, with the help of some rats, cockroaches and pigeons!
I know it’s 2016, and Princesses are may be childish, or old-fashioned to be important in a young girls life. But if you look past the “princess” title, each female represents how great girls & women are, in their own different way. I think Disney Princesses are cool and I hope they continue to be an influence!

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!



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