Big Hero 6

Can you believe, it was a year ago yesterday, Big Hero 6 was released here in the UK?! I know everyone goes on about it, but it’s really scary how much time flies. This is why, it took me nearly a year to watch it! I know, you’re shocked and disappointed. As a Disney fan, this is unusual for me. And the irony is, I couldn’t wait to see it! The first animated feature length Disney movie, based on a Marvel comic!
Being a HUGE Marvel fan as well, I was so excited. And like Guardians of the Galaxy, I hadn’t heard of Big Hero 6, so I had no expectations, other than my expectations for a Disney Classic.
I had seen a few clips, and instantly liked Baymax. A simply designed character, who is loveable and huggable.
I had watched a short documentary about the success of Frozen, and how it effected the story and direction of Big Hero 6. Disney didn’t expect a story about Sisters and their bond, to be as successful as it was. So they decided to change the original comic book relationship of father and son, to big brother and little brother. I thought this was a brilliant idea, to give boys a movie they could watch with their siblings and possibly bond over it.
So, lots of excitment surrounding this movie, and I had heard lots of positive reactions to it as well. And of course, Baymax was becoming very popular. And it was my sister who got me Big Hero 6 for my Christmas,so I was finally able to watch it, and see what all this fuss was about…
16205750901_6f90f655b8_b-1024x576Well… you are probably going to disagree with me, and be very shocked, but I was really DISAPPOINTED! Couldn’t believe it. This movie should have been up there with Frozen and Wreck it Ralph. It should have been as good as the live-action Marvel films.
Now I don’t want to make you angry with my reaction, but I do want to make it understandable, why I was dissapointed. Firstly, the brother relationship I was looking forward to seeing, ended after 25 minutes into the movie. And Hiro is a little brat! Also, didn’t feel the whole “bot” war thing at the start was necessery.
I guessed straight away who the villain was, and he is the worst Disney villain, in Villain history. Not scary enough, not dark enough, and not likeable.
And why did it take nearly an hour into the film for the “team” get-together? After their “training”, it only left like 20 mintues of the movie for them to have screen time as Big Hero 6.
bighero6teamI also felt, with it being based on Marvel comics, they should have included some of the humour, references, and even a character, from the live-action films. Because, lets be honest, kids of all ages have seen the marvel films, even though they are a 12A. I’m not saying Big Hero 6 should be included in the Marvel Universe. But it’s still based on a Marvel comic, and apart from the portrait with Stan Lee in it, there was no reference to it being anything Marvel.
Now for the pros… I loved the setting of the film! Tokyo is one of my dream destinations, and to mix it with San Francisco was just genius! I just wish San Fransokyo really excisted!
Baymax didn’t disappoint me at all. He actually saved the movie for me. If he wasn’t in it, Big Hero 6 would have been up there with The Wild!!!!! But, thankfully, it wasn’t THAT bad. And the rest of the team were great characters. Would have liked to have seen them more though. Like I said earlier, Hiro is a brat, and I didn’t think he was a likeable character.
baymaxandhiroAnyway, sorry if I have upset you in any way,I have come to realise, I am in a small minority group that feels this way. But it wouldn’t do if we all liked the same things, right? Plus, I know a lot of you don’t rate Frozen that much… so…

Are there any popular Disney films, you wouldn’t choose to watch, or isn’t one of your favs? Is there any of the non-popular ones that you like? Or is one of your top 5?

“I fail to see how you fail to see that this is awesome!” – Big Hero 6



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