Mickey & Jacob’s Day Out

As you may already know, either because you know my son personally, or by my photos, Mickey goes pretty much everywhere with us. We could just be popping round to Nanny’s, or to Auntie Holly’s. We might even be nipping to Aldi. No matter where or what we do, Mickey tags along for the adventure.
FullSizeRenderSo I thought it would be fun to take pictures of Mickey, so you can see what he gets up to. And luckily this week, we had to take a trip into town, as Jacob still had Christmas money to spend.

First we headed to HMV, to check their Disney Blu-Rays, cus we are still missing a few.
FullSizeRender-1They had a lot of them in stock, but we needed ones with the O-Ring sleeves. Yes, we are still attempting that collection I’m afraid. Brother Bear and Lil & Stitch didn’t have the limited edition sleeves, but Sword in the Stone did!
image-2-1024x607After I got some toiletries from Body Care, we HAD to go in the Disney Store.
FullSizeRender-3It was of course Tsum Tsum Tuesday, and the new Zootropolis tsums were released! Now, if it was my money I would have bought the whole set. But I had to be realistic on behalf of Jacob. So with the help of my dear friend Jen (she works there) we chose Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Flash, Finnick & Officer Clawhauser. May be after we have watched the film, and know a bit more about the other characters, I may get more. But take a look, cus in my opinion these are one of the best looking tsum sets, and the detail on them I was really impressed with…
image-1024x703Luckily there was also a bit of sale still left, and for some reason, there was 1 Disney traditions Olaf ornament 50% off!!! I know I couldn’t believe it either, so OBVIOUSLY we bought it. Jacob does have Olaf & Sven plush, bedding, and wall poster. BARGAIN!

Oh and we also got Oswald the Lucky Rabbit & Stitch tsums, cus, well I don’t need to explain do I??

Yeah so me and Jacob had a great day out, with Mickey, and when we got home he played with his new tsums for a couple of hours, before finally falling asleep…




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