The Collection Series – Pin Badges

My Grandad was the one who got me my first Disney pin badge. Since I was a little girl, I have collected pin badges over the years, slowly I might add. My collection is not huge, in fact it is really really small. I have seen some amazing pin collections that are envious! My friend Jess has a few picture frames full of Disney pins!

My first Disney pins were bought when I was taken to Disneyland Paris, thanks to my Grandad. He also collected the tokens in the newspaper to get the Aladdin, Lion King and Hercules pins.
image-5-1024x549When I worked at the Disney Store, and they started selling the pins in the store, I got quite a few for my collection.
image-7-1024x473image-6-1024x488Speaking of which, I had never heard of the Disney Pin Trading until I worked at the Disney Store. I saw some fantastic lanyards full of so many unusual pins, and even traded a few myself!
image-8-1024x499So Pin Trading started in the parks, just like the Vinylmation. The pin trading was first introduced at World Disney World in 1999 as part of the Millennium Celebration. It then spread to all the other Disney parks, who then created their own pins and events.

It was when I was working at the Disney Store, that pin trading was introduced to the stores. It started in all the stores, but now I believe its only in selected stores. The website sells pins too, with limited edition collections, and limited edition sets of pins.

I must admit I got some fantastic pins through pin trading, I just wish they were easier to purchase here, as my Disney Store no longer sells them. But, when I take Jacob to Disney, I’m definitely gona take a lanyard with some of pins to trade!

Have you got a Disney pin collection? Oh have you traded in the parks? I wana see pictures!!



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