30 years of Pixar & Me!

Yes, I am celebrating 30 years this year, and last week so did Pixar! I completely forgot they were the same age as me! It’s so exciting, I love that sort of stuff. Anyway, so my birthday isn’t until June, so I still have a few months left at being 29, eeeek!
I’m actually excited about turning 30, and looking forward to my 30’s. My 20’s has definitely been a journey, and I’ve done amazing things, things I’m really proud of. But my 30’s are going to bring some challenges. Like, which anti-wrinkle cream am I gona use, or am I going to start getting grey roots, like Kate Middleton?! I hope I still feel young though, I’ve always felt younger than my actual age, so I hope that feeling continues!

Now Pixar still feels young to me. It doesn’t seem like they’ve been around for 30 years. But that’s probably because the world didn’t really hear about them until Toy Story. But what were they doing for the first 9 years?
I looked into their early years, and did you know that Pixar originated in 1979 at Lucas films??? It’s so weird that Pixar came out of Lucas films, and now Disney own both companys! It was meant to be.

And like Disney, Pixar started with animated shorts, before eventually creating their first feature film, which was also the first CGI-animated feature. It’s amazing, that Pixar’s history almost mirrors Disney’s early years. But what’s really bizaar is that John Lasseter worked at Disney, and tried to encourage them to use CGI, and they were too scared! If Walt Disney was alive, I don’t think he would have been scared. He was all about taking risks.
4634541472_6d7b9c599a_o-1024x518Obviously Disney later realised they made a HUGE mistake, hence the reason they bought Pixar in 2006. And boy did Lasseter show them what a mistake they made!
Pixar has released 16 feature films, and have future projects in the making that has fans super excited about. You saw the promotional posters for Finding Dory, right? #haveyouseenher
Looks as though Pixar will be making movies for many more years, may be as long as Disney, who knows. As long as they don’t run out of their crazy ideas, we should be fine.

At 30 years old, Pixar is a legendary film company, and makes millions of people smile, laugh and cry every day with their movies and shorts. I hope I have the same impact on my friends and family, so Happy Birthday Pixar!

“I don’t want to survive, I want to live” – Wall-E



2 Replies to “30 years of Pixar & Me!”

    1. I know!!!!! They go that but further with their movies, and I think they’ve definitely more appreciated by adults than children! 😍


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