The Good Dinosaur

Who doesn’t like a dinosaur movie!? When I was a kid I was so curious about dinosaurs, I wanted to know all their names, and which ones would eat me. My favourite film as a little girl was The Land Before Time, and then when Jurassic Park was made, oh boy I was scared! Now, I can watch Jurassic Park over and over again.
littlefootThe Good Dinosaur is Disney’s second attempt at a dinosaur animated movie, although it is Disney Pixar’s film. But, Disney’s first attempt, Dinosaur, was not a big success, which is a shame, because it is actually a fantastic film. The story, the graphics, the music, its amazing. And as a fan of dinosaurs, this film satisfied my thirst for more dinosaurs on the big screen.
It’s been a while since we have seen these magnificant, extinct creatures, and thankfully Jurassic World was released (LOVE IT) and last Christmas, Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. I was very excited about it, and stayed away from any spoilers, TV spots, trailers.
However, more and more of my friends were going to see it, and I heard very different views on the film. But one thing that kept being said, was that it was similar to The Lion King. This particular comment bummed me out a bit, because The Lion King is an iconic film, but that was kind of a repeat of Bambi.


…I got to see it, and expect a little ramble…

Okay so there were a couple of similar plot-lines to The Lion King, I will admit. But thankfully, it did hold its own, and went in a different direction to LK.
I want to just say though, that I found The Good dinosaur was more catered to adults, in particular, parents. I’m not saying children and non-parents won’t like it, or is not been made for them. But I know, the film wouldn’t have affected me emotionally as much as it did, if I wasn’t a parent.
I noticed as well, that for a Pixar film, it didn’t have the same amount of humour as previous films. In fact, it hardly had any. Which I kind of liked weirdly. The story didn’t need one liners or adult humour. It wasn’t that kind of film.

Once again, Pixar creates a film around a very original story, that’s not all happy-laugh-my-ass-off-lets-kiss-and-fall-in-love-and-live-happily-ever-after. I hope you understand where I’m coming from, lol.
I couldn’t stop thinking about The Good Dinosaur after I watched it. I can’t wait for Jacob to be old enough to appreciate it and enjoy watching it with me.
gooddinosaur3Please go and see it, or when its out on DVD, buy it and watch it. It’s unique, and such an emotional film, that might surprise you. It’s a “growing up” sort of story, with love, adventure and DINOSAURS!

“Sometimes you gotta get through your fears, to see the beauty on the other side” – Poppa, The Good Dinosaur



6 Replies to “The Good Dinosaur”

  1. Sounds like a great film! Me and G bought a Good Dinosaur baking kit earlier in the week, he’s obsessed with dinosaurs, I wish he was old enough to take to see a film😊 xx


    1. I know, I can’t wait to take Jacob to the cinema. Well it’s definitely one for the parents, so u will probably like it. Have u used the baking kit yet? Xx


  2. It’s been ages since I’ve seen a good animated film, I don’t watch films all that often, but animated in particular is few and far between. But, the dino lover in me thinks I might like to see this one!

    There’s another animated film I’d like to see, Zootopia, I think that looks pretty great (no dinos though…)

    ~ K


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