Jacob’s Disney Wishlist

A month from today, my little Prince, will be turning 1 years old. I know I can’t believe it. I really thought being at home for a year would may be drag, and I would get bored and frustrated.
I have had the best time! And I think Jacob has had fun too, hehe. So, because my wee beastie has given me a memorable first year, we are having a MICKEY MOUSE themed party!!!! YAY!!!!
Yeah I know, there’s no surprise there with the choice of theme, it had to be Mickey, because Mickey has been part of Jacob’s first year, and journey in the world, so it was a no brainer.
And, thanks to Google, I have been browsing the web for ideas for decorations and presents, because let’s be fair, this 1st birthday is really more for me and daddy. Jacob is not going to remember a thing lol, and he probably won’t play with the toys he gets for very long. So I’m not going mad, its just going to be a little tea party with family.
However, I do want balloons, a cake and paper plates & napkins. So here are some decorations I found on the internet…
F530977F_full F531691F_fullWhat do you think? There’s lots of people on eBay that make fantastic decorations, and the prices are really good, cheaper than buying them in shops. Oh and Lauren (sister-in-law) and I are gona attempt to make a Mickey Mouse cake lol, I may do a post on it for a laugh!
These are some present ideas…
photojoiner (1) wishlistI don’t really want Jacob to have too much toys, I would rather get him gifts that he could keep, that mean something, or that he will use for a while.

I would really like your ideas, plus, I’m really interested in handmade keepsake gifts. So please leave me a comment with websites, or your own site, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

I’m really going to cherish this last month I have of him as a baby.

“Take me to Neverland!”



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