Leaving Disneyland

Everyone knows how it feels when it comes to the end of the holiday. It’s the feeling you get on a Sunday evening, when you realise you have school/work for the next five days. You get a horrible sicky feeling in the pit of your stomach. You can’t imagine ever having a better time, than you did on that holiday. And sometimes you can’t hold back the tears of sadness, that it’s the last day, and real-life begins again tomorrow.
sadnessI am now starting to feel this way, already. I still have a month left, and I’m going to treasure every day of it. But at some point in the day, it dawns on me that I’m going back to work soon. *and the sicky feeling begins*

Every Wednesday and Saturday I cross my fingers, in hope that we win the lottery. I don’t need millions, just enough so I can ring my work and say the two magic words.
I’ve been so lucky, I’ve enjoyed every day that I’ve been at home with Jacob. I was really surprised and shocked to know that Britain is one of few countries in the world that gives mothers, and now fathers, the opportunity to be at home the first year of their baby’s life. I’m very proud to live in a country that appreciates and understands the importance of being at home the first year.
dumbowith tearsLuckily, my mother-in-law is going to help with taking care of Jacob while I’m at work. I’ve been able to work round my mother-in-law’s time off from her work. And I only have to go back part time, so I will still be able to have quality time at home.

It’s weird, because a few years ago, I thought I would want to go back to work, and be full time. May be if I was in a career that I had worked really hard for, I’d be happy to go back to work, and work 40+ hrs a week.
I am looking forward to being around adults on a regular basis, who are not family. And I’m looking forward to earning enough money again, so I can treat myself. I’ve already been on H&M’s website, to find new clothing items to add to my wardrobe for spring/summer.
charlotteSo the countdown begins. I have 30 days left. And in that time, I have my first Mother’s Day to look forward to, Jacob’s 1st birthday, 10 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs to watch, hopefully get Jacob to stand, oh and organise my blogging schedule for going back to work. It’s gona go so quick isn’t it.

*sicky feeling again*

I’ve still got 4 weeks of possibly winning the lottery left! *Fingers crossed*



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