The Collection Series – Pop Vinyls

This one I’ve been really looking forward to writing, becuase these are my favourite. But, I only have 3! *laughs histerically* I know, how can the Pop Vinyls be my favourite, and yet, I don’t even have a collection. Plus I only have one Disney one, and it’s not even a Disney classic character. I got Finn from Star Wars earlier this year, as a treat to myself.
image-12-1024x663The only reason I don’t have a collection myself, is becuase, I couldn’t justify buying them. Jacob came first, and things I “needed” came first.
I have loads of them on my Amazon wishlist. So when I go back to work, I will probably treat myself to one every month. Or use Jacob as an excuse to buy one or two. I was thinking of getting Jacob Arlo and Spot for his birthday, so, there you gom its’ already started.

I got my first Pop Vinyls in New York, back in 2014. They are True Blood Characters, Bill & Sookie. When we got back I started seeing them in retail shops here, like HMV, Menkind, Red5, and now the supermarkets, are even selling them.

Pop Vinyls were created by the company FunKo, which was founded in 1998. It was a small project to bring back various low-tech, nostalgia-themed toys in the high-tech world of today. The first bobble-head made was of the famous restaurant advertising icon, Big-Boy.
Now, you can think of your favourite TV show, or Film, and you can probably find a Pop Vinyl character from it.

So because I don’t have a really good collection, I have asked a couple of friends and family for pictures of their collections! Because we like to have a nosey, and we like looking at pictures!

Up first, is Blogger, Lottie, who’s blog, Lottie Does, is a mixture of lifestyle, Disney, travel and fitness. Here is her collection…

Next we have Sophie, again, blogger, over at Beneath the Clock Tower, and she is a massive OUAT fan, as you will see from her collection…
Sophie's collection

Then, there’s my brother-in-law’s collection…
image-13-1024x576And finally my friend Steven, who’s collection is AMAZING!
image-10Pop Vinyls are probably the most popular “collectable” at the moment, and not just for Disney fans. FunKo are releasing new characters all the time from our favourite TV programmes and films. I’ve got my eye on the Friends series! Do you have a collection of your own? Please share your photos.

Collections, such as these, can bring people together from all over the world, because they have a common interest. This is what I love most about collectables. They get us talking to one another…



4 Replies to “The Collection Series – Pop Vinyls”

  1. I need to get some of the Star Wars ones! I’ve been collecting for about a year and a half and after a quick count I’ve just done, I have 25 from a variety of fandoms! I’ve almost got the whole Age of Ultron set, only need 2 or 3 more!! Tania xx


    1. Wow!!! I have a huge list of ones I really want, some are Disney, but others like Friends, Thindercats, more Star Wars – there’s loads!!! Plus I have no idea where I’d put them lol. You’ll have to send me a pic of ur collection hehe xxx oh and walking dead, I really want Daryl on his bike 😍


  2. LOVE Pop Vinyls and Dorbz. I need the new Alice In Wonderland ones next. My daughter has over 100 now, she looks after them all so well too. I have started my own little collection too now. We have a mixtures of film characters like Edward Scissorhands to cartoons like Adventure Time, then of course DISNEY. Seen they have brought out Shrek (I was hoping they would do the gingerbread man) and Zootropolis. Great Post lovely! Love your Disney Magic xxx


    1. Oh thank you so much, it means a lot to me. This is why I do it. I saw a picture of the Zootropolis ones and they look SO cute!!! Xxxx


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