Excited for Zootropolis?

March is a really exciting and busy month for us. My first Mother’s day, Jacob’s first birthday, I go back to work, and four weeks today Zootropolis will be released here in the UK!!!!!
I wish I could take Jacob to go see it, but that won’t stop me from going to see it myself!
Now I want to clear something up first, as you probably know, everywhere else in the world (depending on translation) the film is called Zootopia. Even I call it Zootopia. But, in Europe, it is called Zootropolis. This is because, there is a fancy, environmentally friendly, Zoo, being built in Denmark, and they have paid the licence for the name “Zootopia” for the new Zoo’s merchandise. And because Denmark is in Europe, it affects us too. Now, the Zoo sounds very exciting, and it opens in 2019, but, because of this Zoo, we have to call the movie Zootropolis! Boooooooo! It doesn’t have the same ring to it! Anyway, so now you know the reason behind the different movie title.

I think there’s a lot of expectation riding on this movie, because we haven’t had a Disney animated film, since Big Hero 6. AND, it’s only the 7th animated feature film to have no humans. It’s the third anthropomorphic (animal world) film, the other two being Chicken Little and Robin Hood. And weirdly, the lead character is a fox, which Robin Hood is too!
I’m really excited about the cast as well, I’m a huge fan of Ginnifer Goodwin. She is a bad-ass Snow White, and from what I’ve seen in clips so far, she is also a bad-ass bunny! Plus Judy Hopps is so cute, especially baby hopps, oh I wana squeeze her, but I wont!

Jason Bateman voices Nick Wilde, and is it just me, or have they drawn Nick Wilde to look a bit like Jason? I’ve grown to like Jason Bateman over the years, and I think he is hilarious. I hope he brings his sarcastic humour to the film.
Other stars include Idris Elba (yummy), J K Simmons, Bonnie Hunt, Shakira and many more, which you can find out on IMDB. And I know the cast doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gona be a great film, but it does encourage my excitement.

Already, we have got 5 of the Zootropolis tsum tsums, and I’ve put the Nick Wilde with his red car, on Jacob’s birthday wishlist. I know he’s only 1, but he likes toys with wheels, and the car is actually quite big. Check it out…
796714700229So, you can see we are very excited about the film. And by “we” I mean me! I like to pretend Jacob is as excited as me, but obviously being a baby, he doesn’t have a clue what I’m on about. Is it wrong that I’m also using Jacob as an excuse to get some of the toys? No I didn’t think so either.

I know Chicken Little wasn’t a great success, and was released during a period where Disney didn’t do so well at the box office. But they have been on a very successful ride since Bolt, in 2008 and I really hope it continues. Although, apart from Shakira’s single for the movie, and her character being a pop star, we don’t know if there’s going to be a lot of music involved. Sometimes music is what people remember most, take Frozen for example. I guess we’ll find out when we see it.
nickandjudySo are you excited to see Zootropolis? (Still think our title sucks)

“Life’s a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.” – Judy Hopps




2 Replies to “Excited for Zootropolis?”

    1. Oh yeah the secret life of dogs looks hilarious!!! I’ve always wondered what my dog gets up to! I’ve been tempted to get a secret camera lol. But I think he would be like the dog that just waits at the door all day for his owner to come back lol xxxxx


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