Glitz, Glam & Cinderella

“There’s no business like show business…”

Tonight’s the night people, The Academy Awards is finally here. Of course we cannot wait to see the gorgeous dresses and the beautiful suits. who will be with who. And the biggest questions of all… Is Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY gona win????

I have yet to see the Revenant, but I have heard very positive views, and let’s be honest, he should have gotten it for Wolf of Wall Street!
But there are some awards, that may be the media isn’t bothered about, but I kind of get excited for. I love the award for special effects, and best song, and best costume design! Which brings me to the star of today’s blog post, Cinderella.
I finally got to see the film yesterday. Nearly a year since it’s cinema release. I didn’t get to see it in the cinema because I had just given birth! But I thought, not to worry, I’ll see it when it’s out on DVD. Yeah well that was yesterday lol.

I was suitably impressed by Kenneth Branagh’s film, and all I could think about was how BEAUTIFUL it was. The colours, oh my god, they were so rich, almost like a painting. And Lily James was perfect as Cinderella. She was naturally beautiful, perfect to play the famous Princess to be.
Now, it’s going to be hard for Cinderella to win the Oscar for best costume design, as it’s got tough competition. Mad Max won the Bafta, which was well deserved too. But, Cinderella’s dress was AMAZING!!!! I mean 10, 000 Swarovski Crystals were placed one-by-one on the blue dress and in Lily James’ hair! And they made 8 of them!!! Oh and Lady Tramaine’s outfits, were very Scarlet O’hara, with more wickedness.
I also thought the production team did a fantastic job with the scene in which Cinderella’s dress is transformed, with the added touch of the blue butterflies. I’m not into dresses, I prefer a nice pair of trousers, BUT, even I wanted to wear the dress.
cinderelladressSo, although it may struggle to win the award, I REALLY hope it does. I geuinely love the designs, and it must have been so much fun to create. It’s not everyday a designer gets to design a Princess dress, AND a Disney Princess dress for that matter.

I have no worries about Inside Out winning the award for best animated movie, it is well-deserved, and hasn’t really got a tough category. Despite The Good dinosaur also nominated, Inside Out is the better film. And I think it’s the most original.

So it’s very exciting, and I am hoping to see it on the internet tomorrow morning! So NO SPOILERS PEOPLE!

“You shall go to the ball!” – The Fairy Godmother



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