Ginnifer Goodwin’s Disney Spirit

Ginnifer Goodwin is the star of Disney’s newest animated feature, Zootopia, playing the adorable and courageous, Judy Hopps. But, Ginnifer has recently explained, Judy Hopps was not supposed to be the main character. Originally she only had a supporting role in the film, and it was Nick Wilde who was the original main character, and the story was seen through his eyes. However, the creative team realised that Judy Hopps had the potential to be the stronger character.

It was while Ginnifer was in Vancouver, filming OUAT, when the Zootopia team flew out to her, to do some more recording sessions, and she then found out her character had been given the lead. Ginnifer was over the moon to hear the news, as an actor and as a Disney fan.
Ginnifer recently expressed her feelings about the brand, stating “Disney is the pinnacle of storytelling. Every time I go into a Disney film, to this day, I know it’s going to be wonderful because its going to be a nostalgic experience, and inevitably that I’ll be sobbing halfway through because something has punched me in the gut.” She then explained the storytelling, “It’s that they tell a story in such a way that you laugh so hard that you’re open to going to some really dark places, and I feel like there’s always some inspiring message without it being a message film. Nothing’s ever beaten into you and nothing’s sugarcoated. It’s always a good time and it’s always peppered with something that’s so real.”
Ginnifer is also “dazzled” by the way Disney uses technology, saying “I think technologically what Disney does is always unparalleled. I mean, Walt was our first Steve Jobs in what he did to try and change how we tell stories. I look at Zootopia and it’s like a whole other world. Zootopia is so different than the last Disney film that came out. Some of the scenes look like they’re photographed.”
As you may already know, Ginnifer also plays a Disney Princess, on ABC’s Once Upon A Time. She is the brave and stubborn, Snow White.
imageOUAT is currently on it’s 5th season, and has no intentions of leaving our screens any time soon, thank god, cus it’s one of my fav TV shows. But she has also played the voice of Fawn, in Disney’s Tinkerbell and the NeverBeast. So she is currently a Disney Princess, voiced a Disney fairy, and now is Zootopia’s first bunny cop.

“As a lover of Disney, I couldn’t be more proud. I just hope they keep giving me jobs. I told John Lasseter that I will happily just pass out coffee in the lobby to the employees; I just don’t want to leave.” So yeah, I think she’s a fan.
I am a huge fan of Goodwin. I love her as Snow White, and I love knowing she is a Disney fan too, and I’m always tempted to cut my hair short again like hers. And I have to say, I think it’s so romantic that Prince Charming. her co-star Josh Dallas, is her real-life Prince!
image-2Oooooh I can’t wait to see Zootopia, yes I know, I’m supposed to call it Zootropolis, but I am not. Sorry Disney, I know it’s not your fault, but Zootopia is now stuck in my brain. The film is released tomorrow in the states, and then three weeks later, UK GETS IT!

“You know, one of my biggest dreams in life is to play a Disney princess.” – Ginnifer Goodwin



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