My First Mother’s Day

Aah, Mother’s Day, the day that we all celebrate our Mummy’s and the women who have had a positive affect on our lives, in which we are grateful for.
I missed it last year, because my lil Prince decided he didn’t want to arrive on time. So I have been waiting nearly a year for this moment. And it comes at a very significant time, with Jacob’s 1st birthday in two weeks, and my maternity leave nearly finished. I’m going to celebrate today with all the wonderful memories I have had this past year with Jacob.
But it also got me thinking about the mum’s who have had an affect on our favourite Disney characters. And the most bizarre thing happend… I realised that I couldn’t think of a lot of Disney Character’s mums. So I went to look at my classics and Pixar collection, to jog my memory…
Out of the current 53 classics which you can purchase on DVD, only 17 of them feature the main character’s mum. And majority of them either Die, or do not have a big part to play in the movie, so we hardly see them.

And out of the 15 Pixar films, 8 of them feature the mum, although Andy is only a supporting character in the Toy Story films, so his mum doesn’t really count. Which would mean only 5 of the films feature a main character’s mother.
I’m not quite sure what to think of this finding. And I don’t want to go too deep into it, but Mother’s are very scarce in Disney’s world. However I decided to list my favourite Disney mums, and how much of a role model they are…

Mrs Jumbo


Mrs Jumbois one of the most memorable. Even though the stork delivered the wrong kind of elephant (Dumbo is an African Elephant, while Mrs Jumbo is indian) She loves Dumbo with all of her heart, no matter the differences. Plus she gets locked up for protecting him, something any loving parent would do.



Duchess is a single mother of three kittens. And although she does live in luxery, she still brings her kittens up to be the best that they can be. Accepting their different personalities, but loving all the same.



Kala is probably my favourite Disney mum. She sadly loses her own baby, which to me is the most awful thing to happen to a parent. However she comes across a baby Tarzan, who she adopts, names and loves, as if he was her own.

Queen Eleanor


Queen Eleanor reminds me of my own mum. The relationship she has with Merida is a bit like my relationship with my mother. I love how they learn to listen to one another in the end, and remember how much they love each other.

Mrs Incredible


Mrs Incredible is a modern day super mum. The irony is she actually has super powers, and yet she happily becomes the stay-at-home mum, bringing up three children, all of which has super powers too.

So which Disney mum has had an affect on you? Are there any that remind you of your own mum? I would just like to say also, if any of you have lost your mum, never really had a mother figure in your life, I will be thinking of you.

“You will always be in my heart” – Kala



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