Once Upon A Time: #Once100

It’s BACK…

OUAT returned Sunday, with it’s 100th episode. And it was worth the wait! I actually didn’t watch the mid-season finale. I wanted to keep it for when the season started again so I could watch them together. I hate being left on a clif-hanger.
Is it just me, or has the mid-season finale become a “thing” lately? The last couple of years its become just as big as the season finale its-self. They really do drag it out for the viewers. I mean I know TV shows come and go as quickly as premier league managers. How many TV shows are on Netflix with only 1 or 2 seasons because they didn’t perform as well?!
Anyway, so yeah, I chose to keep the mid-season finale episode for when it started again. It was risky, because I did see spoilers during the break. But I’m glad I had both episodes to watch. I’m so used to binge watching these days, it’s hard waiting on a weekly basis for the next episode.
But let’s talk about the the episodes, however if you haven’t watched it yet, then don’t continue to read. Before Xmas I briefly spoke about Dark Swan in this post. I really liked Dark Swan, so much so, I would have liked for her to have been dark a bit longer. Although, she wasn’t really all that dark was she. No where near as selfish as Rumple. But that’s what I liked about her, she wasn’t all “saviour”, we saw a little dark side to her, which made her more human, more real.

But what a twist with Hook! I did not see that coming. The whole time he was a dark one. And so glad to see Zelena hasn’t gone soft since becoming a mum.
I was disappointed in Regina during the first half of this season. I feel she is became a bit weak, a bit like Snow White. She didn’t have a big role to play up until the 100th episode, and then she was back! We saw a really dark Evil Queen back story, and she faced her wicked mother again! I hate Cora!
reginaYes Cora returned to the audience’s pleasure. She is such a good villain, because you really do hate her, lol. I know, “hate” is a strong word, but she is so horrible to Regina. And it’s really her Mother that is to blame for everything wrong in Regina’s past.
I would have liked to have seen more cameos in the 100th episode. I felt it had a massive build up, and yet I’ve seen better episodes. Dont’ get me wrong it was still good, but there have been better.
Really looking forward to Hades, and seeing if his character is going to be a likeable villain. Greg Germann is a really good choice for the role, I loved him in Ally McBeal. He would definitely make Hades a likeable villain.
Oh and just quickly, so happy to see the Dark Rumple again. He did not suit being a hero, even tho it was hopeful for Belle. Dark Rumple is more fun!

So Dearies, are you caught up with OUAT? What did you think of the 100th episode?

“Magic always comes with a price” – Rumplestiltskin



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