Disney’s Tomorrowland: Another Flop!

I remember being so excited about Tomorrowland about 3-4 years ago, when it was anounced before filming. The idea of Disney creating a film based on a land in the Disney parks, I mean Pirates of the Carribean was based on a ride, and that was brilliant! A Sci-fi, fantasy film, starring George Clooney was right up my street, and I couldn’t wait to see it.

SO GLAD I didn’t waste my money going to see it in the cinema.

I watched it the other day and it was… boring, it dragged on too long in the middle. The start got me excited, and then George Clooney finally appeared and I don’t know what really happend in the middle because I got bored. The last 40 minutes was good, and it got my attention, and it touched on real issues we are ignoring today which will have an affect on the future if we don’t do something about it. But the film was disappointing! And it was written and directed by Brad Bird as well. So disppointed.

IT got me thinking, why can’t Disney make successful ORIGINAL films these days? I think Saving Mr. Banks is probably the only “non-remake” or sequal that has been a success since Pirates of the Carribean franchise. And so I googled “Disney flops”, and here are the Top 5 live-action flops, which were all released in the last 7-8 years…

1. Tomorrowland
It cost Disney $190m to make, but only made $208.6m.

2. The Lone Ranger
lonerangerI actually couldn’t finish this film it was so bad. IT’s also the beginning of Johnny Depp flops. The film cost $215m, and made $260m.

3. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
princeofpersiaDidn’t play the game, didn’t watch the film. None of the trailers encouraged me to want to watch it. It cost $200m to make, and only made $336m. Thankfully for Disney, the movie did better overseas!

4. John Carter
johncarterThis I did watch all the way through, and I actually liked it. It was different, a bit Star Wars-y. But it wasn’t a success. It cost $250m to make, and only made $284m.

5. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
sorcerorsspprenticeThis should have been better. It was probably the most successful film Nicolas Cage made at the time, even now he hasn’t made anything descent. But, it was messy, and it didn’t grab me. Plus the apprentice anoyed me. It cost $150m to make, and only made $215m.

So even though everyone moans about Disney not having original ideas, and only making re-makes and sequals. Unfortunately, history proves that remakes and sequals are what everyone goes to the cinema to see. The originals don’t make Disney money. It’s a shame because it doesnt help cinematic creativity, but if people don’t go to the cinema to watch the original films, then they won’t get made as much.

We have two remakes to look forward to this year, The Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon. You can’t deny that you’re not excited to see them. You can’t wait to see them. And you are also looking forward to Finding Dory, which is a sequal!

I want new ideas too, but they just don’t seem to be as good.

“Keep Moving Forward” – Walt Disney



8 Replies to “Disney’s Tomorrowland: Another Flop!”

  1. Oh no?!!! I LOVE it! I saw it on opening day at the cinema then watched the dvd at least 3/4 times since it came out. Everyone seems to hate it but I thought it was brilliant. It’s be boring if we all liked the same though – I cannot stand ‘Into the Woods’ haha xo


    1. You see, I loved into the woods! I’m not a lover of musicals! I also thought John Carter was good, and that was a flop too! A lot people haven’t even heard of it! Thanks for reading xxxx


  2. I have to agree – I think I got about 20 minutes into Tomorrowland, got bored and never got round to finishing it! I’m glad I haven’t though now, it sounds like it doesn’t get much better. I’m completely the opposite to you on The Lone Ranger & John Carter though – I LOVED The Lone Ranger but I hated John Carter, haha! Great post lovely 🙂 xx


    1. Thank u so much for reading. I hope Johnny Depp comes back from his slump since the Lone Ranger. This is why I like doing these types of posts. Everyone likes different things and it gets us talking (well typing lol) xxx


  3. Dare I saw it, I haven’t seen any of these movies, but I have heard of most of them. If I remember, I liked the trailer for Tomorrowland, but these days my movie watching stops at the trailer…

    Still, it’s always fun to hear what people think about movies 🙂

    ~ K


    1. At least you had heard of most of them. I know people that haven’t heard of any or didn’t know they were Disney movies! Thank you so much for reading tho xxx


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