The Collection Series – Disney MBBs

MBBs stands for Mini Beanie Babies, or just beanies for short. When our local Disney Store opened in Aberdeen, that was when MBBs came into our lives.
Back then MBBs were more popular than the standard plush. You could get so many different characters, and they would release a different series to collect every month and special occasion. You could always get a series in either Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse.
My sister and I would use our pocket money to get a new one. Or we would get for Easter instead of an Easter egg, and for Valentines from our dad. Christmas was when our mum would go mad and buy the latest Christmas series for our bedrooms.
But one of my favourite things they would do, is put a sound inside. This only happend with certain beanies, like Tantor from Tarzan, and Flubber, which I still have!
When we moved to Spain we had to sell a lot of our collection. We only kept the ones that meant something to us or were our favourites.
I was a bit disappointed when I returned to the UK to find they had changed the beanies. Don’t get me wrong they look much more like the characters, but they are a bit more expensive and they no longer do special series of them. I think Christmas is the only time you can get special beanies now. Well here in the UK stores anyway. Take a look at my collection, so far…


Did you ever collect the Disney beanies? Have you still got them? Please share pictures!!!



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