My Disney Baby is 1!!!

We take a lot of things for granted in life, and the most popular of all is TIME! How many times have you said to someone “this week has flown by” or “where’s the day gone” or “I can’t believe it will be Christmas soon!” Yes we are all guilty for saying all three.
It’s funny how the days  that drag are the ones you want over, and the days you are on holiday or have a weekend off, they go super quick! My years maternity leave has actually gone at a nice pace. The first 6 months took it’s time, however the last 6 months have slowly quickened. The big day is finally here…

My little star is 1 today. His first year is already behind us. He is no longer a baby. And worst of all, the beginning of him needing me less is here. But its funny, today is about Jacob turning 1, and yet the memories of labour comes flooding back to me. I’ve realised that today is a little bit about me too. I brought him into the world, through a lot of pain and discomfort and then ALOT of numbness. So I’m gona have a glass of bubbly and toast to myself, and to all the women out there who know what I’m talking about!
jacobandmummyBut really today is about my gorgeous little man. He has been the best baby. He has slept through the night, eat everything we’ve given him, smiled everyday, danced his little butt off and long may it continue.

Happy 1st Birthday Jacob
Lots of Love


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