My Disney Confessions

This post is becoming very popular at the moment. I have read lots of blogger’s Disney Confessions over the past couple of weeks. The trend has been set. Here are a couple of the ones I’ve read recently:

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So without further a due, here are my Disney Confessions…

  1. I was disappointed in Big Hero 6! A lot of people love it, but I just feel it could have been better. It’s my least favourite in the current era of films.
  2. I know ALOT about the Disney parks, but I’ve only been to DLP and that was when I was 6, and it had just opened.
  3. Speaking of my visit to DLP, at that time, I didn’t like loud noise, and Star Tours was so loud for me, I refused to go and see the Michael Jackson Captain Emo show. It’s one of my biggest regrets.
  4. I only like the first Pirates of the Carribean film. Two and three are the worst.
  5. Despite the film having some inapropriate racial references, Song of the South was my favourite live-action/animated film, as a kid. I really wish I could get it on DVD.
  6. When Toy Story first came out, I hated everything about it and to do with it, because I thought Pixar was going to take over animated films. I was worried Disney would die! I was 9 at the time though!
  7. I have to correct people when they get Disney facts wrong. Like I don’t know why people debate over what animal Sebastian is. HE’s A CRAB PEOPLE! A CRAB!
  8. Which brings me to my next confession, I wanted to throw out “guests” who came into the Disney Store asking for “Shrek” toys. SHREK IS NOT DISNEY!!!
  9. I also get really upset and defensive when I hear or read anything negative about Walt Disney. I was so relieved when “Saving Mr. Banks” got good reviews about people liked it, because Tom Hanks played Walt exactly how I imagine him to have been.
  10. I have had to work with people, including a manager, at Disney Store, who knew nothing about Disney or Disney films. They couldn’t tell me which doll was Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella!

There are probably more if I really thought it about, and had like all day. But I think 10 is enough for just now. If I think of any more, I may do a part 2!

Please post your confessions, or send me a tweet with a confession. Don’t keep them bottled up, it’s always better to get them off your chest!



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