Hannah Montana: 10th anniversary

“Say What?!”

10 years since Hannah Montana first came onto TV screens! On March 24th 2006, the first episode ‘Lilly do you want to know a secret?’ aired on the Disney Channel. Did they know how big this new character was going to be?
The programme itself can be cringing to watch, but, it’s very positive and comes with a lot of cheesy music!
The first episode is about Miley Stewart, AKA, Hannah Montana, having to tell her best friend her big secret. Lily is a huge fan of Hannah Montana, and sneaks into her dressing room while at her concert, discovering her friends secret. 5.4 millions viewers tuned in to watch the first episode. The show became one of Disney Channel’s biggest hits.
hannahmontanaMiley Cyrus, the star of the show, plays the character so well, you honestly think it’s a reality show. Plus her real dad, Billy Ray Cyrus plays her on screen dad!
Miley Cyrus originally auditioned for the part and was turned down because the creators felt she was too young. But Miley made such a good impression, she was called back a few weeks later and ended up with the role. They changed the character’s name from Zoe Stewart to Miley Stewart as well.
The TV series was so successful, Miley Cyrus also went on tour playing Hannah Montana, performing concerts for adoring fans. Disney also produced a clothing line based on the character, and of course you could buy stationary, lunchbox, dolls, etc.
I grew to love the show because it had a lot of heart and was very family friendly. I loved the music, and the morals/lessons behind some of the episodes. And when they made the movie I will proudly admit I went to the cinema to watch it! I have it on Blu-Ray also!
hannah montanaI can’t find any fault with the show in terms of its affect on young girls. It was very positive and encouraging from what I saw. And despite Miley Cyrus moving on from her famous character, I hope she knows how good it was having her on our TV screens. Plus she can SANG!

“You get the best of both worlds!”



2 Replies to “Hannah Montana: 10th anniversary”

  1. Lovely post! I feel all nostalgic reading about Hannah Montana, it’s was one of my favourite shows I can’t believe it was 10 years since it dirt aired xxx


    1. I know it doesn’t feel 10 years!!! I remember working at Disney Store and when Hannah Montanna and HSM was in, you could get her wig and boots and jacket! Those were fun times! I think she should have done something for the anniversary, even if it was singing one of the songs and putting it on YouTube 😒☺️ glad u liked the post xx


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