Classic Disney TV Returning

Earlier this month, Disney released the first image to the returning DuckTales series. It will be released next year, along with a few new cartoon series based on favourite Disney classics.
But do you remember when Duck Tales was first on our TV screens? I do! Saturday and Sunday mornings were the best if you were a kid growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. We had the best cartoons in the morning. Duck Tales was always one of my favs, so much so, I bought the complete box set a couple of years ago. Watching it now brings back so many memories. I couldn’t believe how many of the episodes I still remembered. I’ve still to get the Duck Tales movie though.
ducktalesI’m assuming because of the success of Disney channel’s The Lion Guard, Disney has decided to go back to what they did best, in terms of cartoons. It was a very clever idea bringing The Lion King, and introducing new characters. Jacob has already watched The Lion Guard movie three times.

Remember how they made The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Hercules into a cartoon series? Well they obviously looked back at how popular they were back when I was a kid, and thought, we need to do something like this again. And what better Disney animated classics to begin with than Tangled and Big Hero 6! One for the boys and one for the girls! Not very gender nutreal but that’s another discussion…

Yes its true, Rapunzal and Flynn are coming to the small screen on a regular basis! The series will be based around the time between the film ending and before they get married in the short. I can’t wait for the merchandise to be honest. And it will be Rapunzal with her lovely short brown hair!!!! Ooooh it’s gona be fun!
Next Baymax! Your favourite huggable marshmallow man is getting his own series. I’m curious about this one, because I didn’t really like the film, but I loved Baymax, so I’m hoping Hiro isn’t going to be in it, much. Baymax was the main thing I liked about Big Hero 6, so I am looking forward to the series. Plus, I think Jacob is gona like him. And again, I’m looking forward to the merchandise.

That’s all I know of so far, but if they are successful, may be we might see more of our favourite characters from our favourite films. I would love a series based around Bolt! It would have been cool if they released a series based on the one he stars in, in the film. Or may be about the adventures Bolt, Rhino and Mittens get up to.
(Disney, if you’re reading this, I would appreciate a shout out!)

What Disney classic would you like to see returning to our TV screens as a series??



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