Disney’s Robin Hood – A Legend

Who hasn’t heard of Robin Hood? He is a legend! Literally too. Disney’s Robin Hood in particular was always played in my house. It was one of my dad’s favourite Disney films, and we had it on video.

Released in 1973, during a period in Disney history, where the studio was having to come up with ideas of their own, worrying if Walt would have approved. The movies he had influence or input on were being completed and released without him.
Robin Hood, however, always makes me smile and laugh. Despite the basis of the story being about an out-law stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Disney manages to find the humour behind the dark legendary tale. In particular, turning Prince John into a “mummy’s boy” who sucks his thumb when things don’t go his way.

This Disney classic isn’t a musical like previous films, and yet there is music throughout. There isn’t a famous soundtrack in which you can purchase, and yet, it has some catchy themes, such as the narrating Roosters tune at the beginning title sequence.

The first Disney film to have anthropomorphic animals playing the characters, no humans. It’s a fan favourite, even though it doesn’t have the traditional ingredients to a Disney hit: A Princess, a hit song & a nasty Villain. Because Prince John isn’t a nasty Villain, he’s more like a spoilt brat!


The 70s was the beginning of Disney’s decline, in terms of successful box office films (which I’ll be discussing next week, hehe). And yet Robin Hood is from the early stages of this decline. Do you think Walt Disney would have been happy with the film?

I think he would have liked a memorable song for the film, but other than that, I think he’d have been pleased with it.

I wish you could get more merchandise for it though! I would love to get a Robin Hood plush for Jacob. It would be a shame for It to become a fav of Jacobs and then I can get him a toy from it!

Is Robin Hood one of your fav classics? Are you excited to see Disney next humanoid animal film, Zootropolis? I’m super excited to see it!

“Ooh-de-la-lay! Ooh-de-la-lay!” – Robin Hood



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