My Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? If you have answered “yes” awesome, because you are going to understand the rest of the post. If you answered “no” why are you still reading this? You should be getting a copy of the movie and watching it now! Sorry, I’ve calmed down now. It’s one of my Marvel favs.

Anyway, the soundtrack to the film, also known as, “Awesome Mix – Volume 1”, is basically a supporting role to the film. It’s part of what makes the movie brilliant. But what’s amazing about it, is the song choices. Individually, you would have heard them, may be know some of the words from the choruses. They probably wouldn’t be songs you would say are a favourite, or that you would play over and over again.
And yet, I know where every song is played in the film, and they are PERFECT! The first time I watched the film, i loved the song choices, but was hesitant about buying the soundtrack. But the more I watched it (which I’ve lost count how many times) I have grown to love them all. I know own the soundtrack and have it in my car ready to press play.
So when I was browsing‘s latest posts and spotted one on the GOTG2’s soundtrack, obviously I was intrigued and clicked to read. You can read it here. What a great post, and a great post idea. They chose 5 songs they think should be on “Volume 2”. I immediately started thinking about what I would pick.
I researched the late 70’s and early 80’s period of music, and already have a great knowledge of motown, and I have come up with 6 songs I think should feature in GOTG2.

  1. David Bowie: Life on Mars
  2. The Knacks: My Sharona
  3. Bee Gees: Stayin’ Aive
  4. Michael Jackson: P. Y. T.
  5. Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi
  6. Stevie Wonder: I Wish

Oh my god how amaxing would it be if one of my choices actually feature in the movie?!?!?! It’s still ages away till it’s release!
So what about you? do you agree with my choices? What song would you like to see featured?



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