Mickey Mouse Joggers

Ok so if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have seen me post the pic of my new Mickey Mouse joggers. I spotted them ages ago on the web, but didn’t have the money to get them.
One of the advantages of being back at work… I am earning my own money again. Pay day came last Friday, a shopping trip was planned for Sunday… Then BOOM I got the joggers! There was no real explosion btw.

So this would thyaretically be my first fashion post?! Very exciting! Anyhooo, so yeah, the joggers are from H&M, which is now my new fav high street shop. And they were only £12.99. I chose the size small because the medium looked too baggy. So if you get them, I’m a 12 and I went for the small. Hope that helps.
Now obviously I was drawn to them because of all the Mickey faces, but I also really like the fact they are grey and black. I love grey clothes (it goes with so much)!

I’m also a lover of “comfy” clothes. Coming home from food shopping or work or town, and changing into a pair of comfy bottoms and my slippers is heaven!
So these have been my “comfys” since Sunday lol. They are SO comfortable tho, honestly and they are soft inside. Yep I’m happy with my purchase. Oh and I also got a plain grey and white tee to go with them (they were only £3.99 each as well – bargain)!

So if you are like me, you like Disney, and wearing comfys, then get a pair of these. They are well worth the price.
It makes me happy knowing you can pretty much walk into any high street store and find something with Disney on it!

What clothing have you recently purchased that has a Disney character on it? Where’s your fav shop to buy from?



2 Replies to “Mickey Mouse Joggers”

    1. Aww thanks Natasha – I was nervous about the pics as I’m not used to taking fashion photos lol but practice makes perfect! Thanks for reading xxxx


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