Disneyland Paris: Part 1

April 12th, Disneyland Paris first opened its gates! Back then, it was called Euro Disney Resort Paris. I still have a couple of pin badges that say Euro Disney on them hehe.
This will be my first post about a Disney park. You see, despite my pasion for the brand, I’ve not been able to visit DLP again or any other Disney resort.
BUT, as it’s the birthday of DLP on Tuesday, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about my first and only visit to a Disney park. Well what I can remember about it anyway! And it’s in 2 parts! oh yeah.

In late May, back in 1992, I went on a plane for the first time, with my grandparents down to London. My Uncle David & Paul used to live there, so I thought I was just visiting London, and spending time with my uncles, seen as how I didn’t see them often. To my surprise, they took me to Euro Disney for my 6th birthday!!! ( my birthdays in June btw so it was an early gift). The park had only been open for just over a month, so everything was still new and fresh. And surprisingly it wasn’t that busy when we were there.
IMG_6428We stayed at Davey Crocket’s resort, which was a giant forest, with a gravel road, and cabins everywhere! All I remember is seeing lots of trees, and picnic benches. In our cabin, there was a sofa bed in the living room, and in the bedroom, a kings size bed and bunk-beds. The bunk-beds and Mickey Mouse bedding on them! I don’t remember spending a lot of time in the cabin, apart from sleeping and getting read in the morning. We would walk to our bus stop, which took us straight to the park. I don’t remember the bus stop being far away from our cabin, but I don’t remember travelling on the bus.

I think we arrived late at night to Euro Disney, but I remember getting to the park early in the morning all dressed in my green and white striped dress and seeing the Hotel Disneyland. Which was AMAZING! It has not changed since I was there. They still have the famous clock at the front, and the giant Mickey Mouse face made of flowers.
From looking at the photos I have, I think we were only there for two days at the park, because I’m only wearing two outfits: A Green and white striped dress, and a denim dress with a white cardigan. And one day was nice and warm, with blue sky and it’s really bright from the sun. The second day, is over cast, and I’m wearing the cardigan so it must have been cooler. But it didn’t rain, so that was good.


I remember not really knowing where I was in the world. Although the plane journey to Disney didn’t take long, I didn’t know I was in France. The park was so American, I honestly thought we were in America. Which I loved. Even as a kid, I always loved American things. And the park, the cabin, the restaurants, were all Americanized. So yeah, I was 6, and thought I was in Disneyland California! It was so exciting.


Unfortunately, I’m not able to go into great detail, because it was such a long time ago. What I remember is only because I have so many photographs of the trip. They help to jog my memory to a certain extent.
So I’ve told you about the first impressions, my outfits, and where we stayed. In part 2, I’ll tell you about my experiences with the rides, shows and character meets.

“Here we leave today, and enter a world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” – Walt Disney



2 Replies to “Disneyland Paris: Part 1”

  1. I had that same Daisy hat from my trip in 96! We have quite a lot of photos but more so video as my Dad was super into his camcorder back then. I edited all the clips together and put it up on my YouTube. Such fab memories to have



    1. Oh wow I’ll have to have a watch of that video! My grandad was into his camera and loved taking photos! Didn’t have a camcorder tho! Thanks for reading Danielle xxx


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