Disneyland Paris: Part 2

Happy 24th Anniversary Disneyland Paris!


I need to explain something to you before I go any further… When I was really little up until I was 7-8 years old, I did not like loud noise. This is ironic, because now, I have my music full blast and have to watch movies with the volume up high! But honestly, loud noise scared me so much, that unfortunately I spoilt a lot of things for myself, including my trip to DLP. So you will hopefully understand now, the rides were not great memories for me…
To give you an idea of what I mean, the storybook rides, like Pinocchio, Peter Pan’s flight, The Little Mermaid, those rides were fine. I just about managed to stay calm through The Pirates of the Carribean, and of course, I loved the Dumbos and It’s a Small World.

It was on Star Tours where a got so scared I screamed and wanted to get off the ride. (I’m so embarrassed about it now). I remember being nervous when we got onto the ride and seeing the droids at the front near the screen. Then when the music started it was LOUD. And then the ride moved, well that it was it. I cried, closed my eyes, begged my grandma to take me off. Obviously she couldn’t because we had to wait for the ride to finish. I embarrassed my grandparents and Uncles. And I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan as well! But then, because of my experience on Star Tours, I would make the biggest mistake of my life. I refused to go and see the Captain Emo show. If you don’t know, Captain Emo was a futuristic story show that included Michael Jackson. MJ! The King of Pop! My idol! Sadly the show does not exist anymore. It was replaced by the Honey I Shrunk the kids 3D ride. ASHAMED – That’s what I am, ashamed…

Moving on… The shows were amazing. Disney’s Electric Night Parade was the best! We watched it both nights. I loved it. Surprisingly though, it didn’t scare me?! My favourite bit, was when Elliot from Pete’s Dragon would go past. He was so big and green! And his head moved!

IMG_6422I can’t remember the day parades, even when I look at the photos. But I do remember being sat at the front of a live performance of Sleeping Beauty. This was a storybook show (in french), that was performed in front of the castle. Again, embarrassed to admit, I was asked to join in, and I refused. Oh my grandma was not amused! I remember my Uncle David telling her to leave me, and that I was being silly, and I would regret it. Boy do I regret it. My grandma still brings it up now lol. Bless her.
IMG_6425Now the character meets were different “back in my day”. You didn’t have “meet and greet” areas where you queued up to meet your fav character and get your picture taken. They would randomly appear in the park, and it was pure luck if you managed to get a photo or autograph or even a wave from them. They always had crowds. ESPECIALLY Snow White and Dopey! I really wanted my picture taken with them, and my Granda wanted it too. But that Snow White would not give us any attention. And unfortunately, she was guiding Dopey, so she was holding his hand all the time. My Granda was so angry because every time I tried to stand next to Dopey for a pic, she would pull him away. So this is my only photo…
IMG_6427But Pinocchio was brilliant, and so was Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee! My Granda got great photos of them tickling me and they gave me loads of attention. Pinocchio kept pushing my Daisy hat down on my face! He was so cheeky. That puppet.
Sadly though I did not get a picture with my favourite character of all time, Mickey Mouse. So he is on my bucket list for when I get to a Disney Park again. Whenever that may be. Hopefully soon.

Disneyland Paris will always be Euro Disney to me, but in way, the new name gives me the opporunity to make new memories when I next visit. So my regrets as a kid will stay with Euro Disney.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” – Walt Disney



2 Replies to “Disneyland Paris: Part 2”

    1. I can’t wait to go to Florida, especially now I have Jacob. But I’m looking forward to visiting DLP in June for my birthday again and make new memories. And I’ll definitely go on all the rides this time!! Lol thanks for reading Tania xxx


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