Tokyo Disneyland

Continuing the Disney Park theme, and finishing the week off with Tokyo Disneyland, which first opened 33 years ago yesterday. So both DLP and Tokyo were opened on the same week, just 9 years apart! It was the first Disney park to be built outside of the US. I have never been to Tokyo Disneyland, as you know, because I’ve only been to DLP, (back when it was called Euro Disney), but I want to go!

I’m very curious about the park, more so because of where it’s located. You see, I have a secret love for Japan, and Tokyo in particular, I would love to visit. Probably since I first watched Blade Runner as a teenager, my curiosity for the city began. I’ve always loved the architecture, the fashion and interior design. Plus STUDIO GHIBLI! If I EVER got the chance to visit, Tokyo Disneyland would definitely be on my “to-do” list.

While doing research, I found out that when Lilo & Stitch was first released, it was a success with Disney fans of course, and here in Europe and america, but East Asia were OBSESSED with stitch. They even got their own Stitch TV series. So Stitch is one of the characters you are guaranteed to meet at Tokyo. At Adventureland you’ve got Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai and Lilo’s Luau & Fun!
StitchEntranceTokyoDisneylandThe design of the park is so different to DLP and the ones in the US. Disney Imagineers have incorporated the Japanese culture in the design, even Mickey and Minnie have their own traditional Japanese outfits! However, influence from Disneyland California and Magic Kingdom in WDW can be seen at Tokyo Disneyland. Although, if you didn’t already know, Tokyo Disney isn’t actually owned by The Walt Disney Company. I know crazy right?! But it’s true, it’s actually owned by The Oriental Land Company, which is like our version of Merlin (Who owns Alten Towers etc). They pay a monthly fee for the licence of Disney characters etc. But the Imagineers do still create the rides etc for them.

Tokyo Disneyland celebrating it's 30th Anniversary back in 2013!
Tokyo Disneyland celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary back in 2013!

You also have the very popular and one of kind Tokyo DisneySea, which is it’s own park like Epcot, Animal Kingdom etc. It opened in 2001 and it’s become one of the most highly regarded Disney parks!

disneyseatokyo It has it’s own Fantasmic show, a giant volcano which stands as tall as the Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disney Resort, and it has it’s own hotel situated within the park itself. It’s also getting an eighth port, called Scandinavia, which is influenced by Frozen.

Not many people can say they’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland… I wana be one of those people who can!

Have you been to Tokyo Disneyland? If so what was it like? If not, is it on your bucket list of places to visit?

“Here you leave today, and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and Fantasy.” – Walt Disney





3 Replies to “Tokyo Disneyland”

    1. I’ve just read them all lol. I hope one day I get to go, I’m desperate to visit Japan, so if I go, I would keep a day for Disney xxx


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