Elliot: He’s Back!

Last week, the very first image of Elliot, from Disney’s new re-make of Pete’s Dragon was released for the world to see. When I first heard about this re-make, I was very curious about how they were going to make the new Elliot look. Were they going to stick with a brightly colourful animated cartoon with live-action? Or, were they going to use today’s technology and create a very realistic, but friendly dragon?
elliotPete’s Dragon, along with Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, is a classic Disney live-action movie combined with animation and special effects. But it’s not everyone’s favourite. And a lot of people forgot about it. For me, I love putting it on in the background, as some of the songs are fun to sing-a-long to. Like, “I Saw a Dragon”.
elliot2But you know what, even though I still enjoy watching the original, with today’s technology, and the success of Disney and re-makes, I do believe this was a good choice. Of all the future projects in the pipeline, this one was probably THE one that would benefit the most with a re-make.

So the teaser trailer was released a while ago, but we only saw the shadow of Elliot. Disney was still not giving anything away about what the new Elliot would look like. Leaving our imagination to wonder… Was he still gona be pink and green? Was he still gona have his signature chin? His floppy ears?
petesdragontrailerThe wait was finally over last week. What we had imagined and hoped for no longer mattered. He’s finally here…
ElliotNEWWas he what you thought he would look like? You can see they have taken some elements from the original, but made he look a bit more realistic. I love that they kept his chin! Oh and he has FURRRRR!!! I cannot wait for the plush!

“He goes to those who need him.” – Pete



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