Mickey Mouse Backpack

I really enjoyed writing my first fashion post, I thought I would do another. But if you haven’t read my first yet, click here. I wrote about the Mickey Mouse joggers I purchased from H&M,
It’s still Mickey Mouse, but this time its a back pack. You see, I’ve been starting to think about what to wear while in Paris. I remember seeing this backpack featured on DisneyFind‘s Instagram. If you like to know where to buy Disney products for adults, then check out her Instagram page. She posts LOADS of photos of products she has found and lets you know where to buy them.
imageSo anyway, I remembered seeing the backpack and that it was from Primark. So last monday, I went into town (to buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens), I jumped into Primark to see if they had any of the backpacks left. Low and behold, there were TWO! Just two! I picked the best looking one and bought it.
Now I haven’t had a backpack since I was at school. And yet, they are now trendy again. They have been for a while. I just always thought of school when I saw a backpack. I never wanted to wear one again. That is until NOW!
imageIt’s weird, I love bags, handbags, purses etc, but when I go out, the less I have to carry the better! Lol I know so weird. When we went to New York, originally Ben was gona carry a bag, because I wanted to be free to take photos. I didn’t want to be worrying about my handbag. I ended up being the one with the handbag in the end. And it didn’t restrict me.
But while we are in Paris we are going DLP, so I definitely want my arms to be free. And what better bag to wear than a backpack with Mickey’s face on it!?
imageBut in the back of my mind, I do worry that someone will open it and take my belongings without me knowing. Yes I have those thoughts. I know it ruins everything, but you can’t be too careful now-a-days.
For £10, this backpack is a great buy. It’s black and white, so will go with ANYTHING. Faux leather, with thick straps and a front pouch. Plus it’s a nice size, not as big as you would have had at school, but not too small that you can hardly fit stuff into.
imageimageI actually bought a pair of denim dungarees to wear the day we are in DLP. Again, I’ve not worn dungarees since I was a kid! So glad they’re back! I thought, with my new backpack and a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, it’s the perfect outfit. But, I would like some tips on what to have in my backpack for DLP. So please, please, leave a comment or tweet with your tips and advice. And any tips on how I can keep my bag secure as well, would be helpful.

Hope you had a nice weekend.



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